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December 2019

Championing Reconciliation in your Organisation

Reconciliation as defined by Oxford Learners Dictionary, reconciliation (noun)(between A and B) | reconciliation (with somebody) an end to a disagreement and the start of a good relationship again “Their change of policy brought about a reconciliation with Britain.” reconciliation (between A and B) | reconciliation (with something) the process of making it possible for two different ideas, facts, etc. to exist together without being opposed to each other “the reconciliation between environment and development” I don’t think the Dictionary does the word complete justice. If we’re to take the dogmatic view from the dictionary, the process of closing the gap and reconciliation becomes a cold, lengthy and political process. See our calendar of events for an overview of significant dates, you will be able to gain a systematic overview of apologies and key events which outlines the relationship with the First Nations peoples and the Australian Government since 1788….

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