6 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For your Mum!

Are you looking for a special gift for Mothers Day? Kinaway have put together a list of 6 amazing gifts from selected Kinaway Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander business members, to inspire and delight you with unique options for a great Mothers Day present!

These gifts are ready to buy online and can be delivered, but get in quick to make sure you don’t miss out!


Inland Pink Salt – Crystal Spa Bar

Pink Salt Crystal Spa Bar

Perfect for: Young Mums!

Mwerre – Soap and Skin’s Pink Salt – Crystal Spa Bar is a limited edition, long-lasting salt soap combining beautiful pink salt crystals from Inland pink lakes with Indigenous pink clay and includes hydrating Australian Macadamia Nut Oil and is scented with Lavender, Lime, Mandarin and Niaouli essential oils. This beautiful ‘rock crystal’ exfoliating soap is a cleansing and purifying.

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Dinawan Wagambirra Balgargal - Emus dancing in sunlight

Perfect for: The person who loves handmade unique wearable art.

Jeweller, Ange Jeffrey’s Dinawan Wagambirra Balgargal illustrates the graceful movements an Emu makes whiling dancing, with the sun glistening on the ruffling feathers.

Handmade with 100% reclaimed/recycled sterling silver and ethically sourced emu feathers.

Emu Feathers, Sterling Silver, 60 x 40 x 4 mm, 3 g

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Ange Jeffery

Dinawan Wagambirra Balgargal – Emus dancing in sunlight

Lee Couch Pty Ltd

Wadhi Therapeutic Mountain Mist

"Give yourself time to heal"

Perfect for: Adults and Children - Healing Product

The message of Wadhi is “Give yourself time to heal”!  Lee Couch’s Wadhi Therapeutic Mountain Mist has a general and therapeutic purpose. It is ideal for hydrating the skin, just like the yuuruu (rain) nourishes our thirsty land. Mountain Mist offers relief of menopause symptoms and can also be used as a great room cleanser and air freshener.

It also represents the freshness of our land, the green, the growth, and our sacred waterways. It connects you to the elements of air & water and can relate to women’s business.

SUGGESTED USE: Spray on body & face area, and environment.

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This Yilam Ground Tent is perfect for grounding weekends.

Perfect for: Mums who love the outdoors!

Stay out of the elements in style in the compact and light weight Yilam Ground Tent. Perfect for 1-2 people, the innovative easy set up mechanism will have you good to go in 2 minutes flat!

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Yilam Ground Tent

Yarn Strong Brutha

YSB Aboriginal Bamboo Scarves

YSB Scarves are versatile, they can be worn as a halter neck top, as a head scarf or in 20 other different ways!

Perfect for: People of all ages as the scarves can be worn in a variety of ways. Add pop to your wardrobe all year round!

Yarn Strong Brutha Bamboo Scarves are the original Artworks by Aboriginal Designer Annette Sax and are inspired by stories and gifts from Taungurung Country. YSB Scarves are totally handmade on a loom, hand dyed and screen printed with Annette’s First Nations reflections of landscape and waterways.

100% Bamboo
Size: 42cm x182cm
Dry Clean Only
Handmade through Fairtrade in Nepal

Usually $59.95 but now on sale for Valentines Day! $10.00 off!

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This overnight experience is designed to empower all women, no matter your experience level, to feel confident and safe out bush.

Perfect for: Mums who love the outdoors and want to build their connecting with Country.

For thousands of years First Nations people have cared for and managed these lands, carefully cultivating intricate and sophisticated knowledge systems based on the fundamental belief that we are connected to all things.

Many women would love to go camping but maybe don’t always feel confident enough to get out there. Once the basics of camping safety are covered you’ll then participate in specifically selected activities designed to teach you how to cultivate your own connection to Country.

Lesson on basics of camping and caring for Country including:

– Equipment  – Food/cooking  – Campsite selection. – Fire making/safety – Set-up/pack-up – General safety advice

Guided mindfulness activities include Creating your connection with Country, Guided ‘listening to Country’ bush walks and Weaving workshops

Women who participate will come away feeling welcome and safe on Country, connected to the land and empowered to take their family/friends camping. As well as an increased awareness and understanding of Aboriginal People and culture.

We suggest purchasing a gift card so that recipient can choose date that suits them best.

Perfect for: All women are welcome including those from the CALD, LGBTIAQ+, disabled, Elders and youth communities 18-70+

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Yilam Gift Card – Connecting to Country