Love is in the air! So here are some thoughtful gifts to celebrate…

9 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For That Special Someone

Valentines Day is fast approaching, but there is still time to organise a special surprise for that special someone in your life!

We have prepared a list of thoughtful gifts from selected Kinaway Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander business members, to inspire and delight you with unique options for your better half. These gifts are ready to buy online and can be delivered before 14th February, but get in quick to make sure you don’t miss out!

Our members produce a range of gifts, so make sure to head to their websites to see a range of other options! If you have already sorted your Valentines gift this year, but want to support what they do, give them a ‘Like’ or a ‘Follow’ on their social media channels. They will certainly appreciate your love!


Lubly Key Chain

Carry a token of your love around with you

Perfect for: Your Lubly ones!

Gammin threads is an Aboriginal owned apparel brand born from a love of typography, language and blak pride. It consists of deadly chillwear and accessories for people who believe in living colourfully, paying respect and empowering women.


A Pamper Hamper to feel special

Perfect for: People who are hard to buy for

Including Ngarga Warendj Hand Wash – Candle – Hand Wash – Body Bar Soap, Tea Flask, Indigiearth Tea, JalaJala Chocolate and Art Card.

All of these goodies are packaged in a box, embellished with our logo.

Perfect for your significant other.  Ready for gift giving!

Ngarga Warendj – Dancing Wombat, is known for high-quality products that are produced by hand or through ethical licensing agreements. Micks art work is inspired by his South Eastern Aboriginal heritage.  Aboriginal art in Victoria is unique in its symbolism. It links with our stories and songlines like fingers reaching out to other areas of Australia. Belonging to the Yowong-Illam-Baluk and Nattarak Baluk clans of the Taungurung people, Mick Harding is an artist specialising in homewares & giftwares, woodwork and design. For Mick, ‘art is a rainbow of many things’ and his own practice demonstrates this openness to innovative design. Mick is also a cultural educator and his commitment to knowledge is reflected in the cultural narratives that inform his works.



Ngarga Warendj Tea Gift Hamper


Zero Waste 4 Person Wheat Plastic Dinner Set

Take care of your valentine and the environment at the same time!

Perfect for: Outdoorsy people, environmentally conscious shoppers, First Nations Peoples, campers

This set comes with 4 bowls, plates, cups and cutlery, as well as a durable carry bag for safe storage.

Perfect for hot and cold foods, the set can withstand temperatures of up to 93 degrees celsius. You won’t have to feel bad if you lose one out bush either because they’re fully compostable and take only 3 to 6 months to fully breakdown. High-quality, durable and BPA free, you can feel good about about buying our wheat plastic dinner set. Made from the by-products of wheat harvests they are zero waste and entirely biodegradable.

Wheat straw is what’s leftover once the wheat is harvested and using it in plastic production making it a zero-waste option. The straw is turned into a pulp which is then pressed into a form like a plate that’s strong and non-allergenic and doesn’t even contain gluten!

Here at Yilam, which translates to ‘camp’ in Taungurung language, we are all about getting you out on Country. To help you do that we offer a range of high quality, sustainably sourced camping equipment and on Country experiences for Mob and socially conscious campers. We are a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated family business with intimate knowledge of culture and country.


A creamy mylk chocolate, delicately flavoured with Australia's native Wattleseed.

Perfect for: Boutique Chocolate Lovers!

A creamy mylk chocolate, delicately flavoured with Australia’s native Wattleseed. This unique chocolate is a delicate balance of the smooth mylk chocolate and the lively pleasures of the Australian Bush, with the Wattleseed giving a nutty flavour. We are excited to say that this is Vegan Certified.

My name is Sharon Brindley, I am a Yamatji/Noongar Woman. I am the proud owner of a café on the Mornington Peninsula (Victoria), Cooee Café, and now of a wholesale supply business, Jala Jala Treats! In my language, Jala Jala (Wajarri) means VERY GOOD, which can only mean our treats must be the same! This family business is proudly 100% Indigenous owned and is my voice to showcase to the world the incredible flavours of our Indigenous native plants, and their wonderful health benefits. I plan to grow Jala Jala Treats to become a household name overseas, educating the world to know the true flavours of our beautiful land, offering a unique taste of Australia. Once you try our 4 delicious flavours, I am sure you will want to join me in getting these unique flavours of Australia out into the world.



Jala Jala Wattleseed Mylk Chocolate

Merindah-Gunya Art

Merindah-Gunya Art

Beautiful art for beautiful spirits!

Perfect for: People with bare walls to fill with love

This piece represents a long journey in becoming content in my life. It shows the balance of my life both back on Country in Warrnambool and the Bunurong land I am living on in Melbourne. It shows my friends and family who have been with me along the way, supporting me whilst I grow into the woman I am now. The surrounding meeting place symbolise the important places where I have learnt life lessons and shows those who were with me at those times. The animal tracks represent my connection to the land I am on and acknowledges the Traditional Owners.

My Aboriginal, and art name is Merindah-Gunya meaning “Beautiful Spirit” in Peek Wurrong language, gifted to me through ceremony by my parents and Elders. My Christian name is Bayley Mifsud and I am a proud Kirrae and Peek Wurrong woman of the Gundjitmara nation in South-West Victoria.


Another way to wear kisses on Valentines Day

Perfect for: This gift is perfect for hotties!

Wear it hot with our hot lips range! Be your sexy beautiful self in these lipstick stained looks that includes the Aboriginal, Zenadth Kes (Torres Strait Islander) and Pride Flag coloured designs. Wear at the gym or whenever/wherever you want; team these with bright colours or darker shades, regardless you’ll still look hot.

Deadly Wears is an Aboriginal Owned family small business. Deadly Wears want you to wear your ethics. We stock a range of items that suits mob and allies alike. Shop with Deadly Wears and 10% of the profit is donated to plant trees to grow hope for the future.


Deadly Wears


Hotlips range



‘Blak Rose’ Soap by Mwerre Soaps

A solid way to enjoy roses

Perfect for: People who like to wake up and smell the roses

Our Special Edition ‘Blak Rose’ soap is a lovely gift for that special someone this Valentines Day.

This cold-process soap is hand-crafted soap with activated charcoal and pure coconut and olive oils. It is infused with natural Rose Geranium, Lavender and Palmarosa essential oils providing a lovely, light rosy scent. Activated Charcoal provides a light exfoliating action and the soap is nourishing and gentle.

Order a slice of this beautiful ‘Blak Rose’ soap for someone special before it is sold-out.

Mwerre (pronounced Mwah-rah) means ‘good’ or ‘beautiful’ in Arrernte, a First Nations language group in Central Australia.

Mwerre promotes beautiful soap and skin through Indigenous bath and skin products. We incorporate Australian Indigenous ingredients that have been used by our people and ancestors for tens of thousands of years to protect, adorn and heal skin.


Enjoy the sensuality of tactile art

Perfect for: People who enjoy the finer things in life

Celebrating First Nations’ creativity through high-quality fashion and accessories.

100x100cm pleated scarf by NGALI




Gifting of Country Pleated Scarf by Ngali

Lee Couch


Wadhi Wellness Blend, Maarumali Anxiety Blend, and Sorry Business

Blends to heal hearts and create connections

Perfect for: People who love to pamper and care for their loved ones.

These products invite a new approach to healing in a contemporary style that allows culture to be visible. We believe strongly in our relationship with Mother Earth and her ability to heal. These unique blends assist individuals in creating a connection to the land, water, and culture. They align with the potential to heal by applying ancient cultural knowledge to address trauma and restore and sustain holistic wellbeing.

In ancient times our people used natural remedies to heal on a physical & spiritual level. The powerful blends increase spiritual awareness, intuition and connection to body and country.

  • Wadhi is the healing blend connected to Women’s Business. The message is to give yourself time to heal.
  • Maarumali is the anxiety blend connected to Men’s Business. The message is Courage.
  • Sorry Business is the grief blend connected to all peoples. The message is Peace.