Kinaway is an Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce based in Melbourne through which Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander businesses and entrepreneurs have a collective voice both within the Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander business community and the general business community.

Kinaway seeks to grow the capacity of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business sector, entrepreneurs and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business leadership thereby having a positive and direct influence in increasing the economic participation by the Aboriginal community in its contribution to the Victorian economy.

The primary focus of the Company is the provision of policy, advocacy and representation services to Aboriginal businesses and entrepreneurs. In addition, the Company will provide services, support and/or products to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and entrepreneurs to be commercially sustainable, profitable and innovative.

Kinaway is a Gunnai language word meaning ‘exchange’.

Furthermore, Kinaway’s remit is to;

  • To provide the collective advantage of one voice of the Aboriginal business sector in Victoria through Policy and Advocacy unity of action;
  • To effect organisation of the Aboriginal business sector in a manner that facilitates the achievement of the objectives;
  • To promote and foster the economic participation and development of the Aboriginal business community in Victoria, facilitating initiatives aimed at strengthening and growing Aboriginal businesses;
  • To affiliate, act with or engage with kindred organisations, associations or industry bodies that have an interest in the sector with the purpose of expressing a collective opinion  or view  on any matter relating to the sector;
  • To engage in activities to create a business environment conducive to the development of Aboriginal businesses ensuring a vibrant, innovative and commercially sustainable Aboriginal businesses sector;
  • To raise and maintain the profile of Aboriginal businesses and the Aboriginal business sector, its value, importance, and position in the economy;
  • To provide services where necessary to assist Aboriginal businesses to better run their businesses, strengthen and remain commercially sustainable;
  • To organise and stage events, conferences and other such activities aimed at the provision of opportunities to Aboriginal businesses to participate in the Victorian business environment and;
  • Any other objectives ancillary to and not inconsistent with the above.