Karen Milward

Chair, Kinaway Chamber of Commerce Victoria

Karen owns and operates Karen Milward Consultancy Services with extensive consulting experience and networks across Australia. Karen is a Yorta Yorta woman who was born and raised in Melbourne. Karen is a strong advocate for developing culturally appropriate solutions to the issues confronting Indigenous people that empower individuals and communities so they can confidently and effectively move forward.

Kerry Arabena

Vice Chair, Kinaway Chamber of Commerce Victoria

Professor Kerry Arabena wears many hats and facilitates multiple roles in the Indigenous Health and International Ecology space. Here experience and capabilities provide Kinaway with incredible depth and insight into community needs and facilitating effective change.

John Burgess

Treasurer, Kinaway Chamber of Commerce Victoria

John is a Gurindji man and has an extensive career in the marketing, advertising and communications industry which brings great practical abilities to the Kinaway board for small to medium sized business owners. He owns and operates; Little Rocket, a creative, marketing agency based in Collingwood and works with allot of Indigenous businesses across a wide variety of industry.

Dwayne Good

Secretary, Kinaway Chamber of Commerce Victoria

Dwayne is the Managing Director of Inspire Travel Management a travel management company providing solutions for large corporate and Government Australia. He is also the Executive Director and Founder of In Travel Group a boutique agency providing personalised travel management services for small to medium sized companies.

As the leader of both companies, Dwayne is inspired in creating competitive corporate travel management companies known for great service and our contribution to Indigenous Australia.

Matthew Everitt

Board Member, Kinaway Chamber of Commerce Victoria

With a combined 18 years of industry experience, Matthew is owner and director of Dreamtime Art who are trusted advisors for Indigenous arts & Culture. Proven to morally and respectfully navigate the Indigenous cultural landscape relating to the arts influencing social and organisational change through strategic execution via education, awareness and communications through licensing, leasing, sales, commissioning and project management.

Brian Stevens

Board Member, Kinaway Chamber of Commerce Victoria

Brian's consulting work is designed to strengthening cultural partnerships though workshops, facilitation, mentoring, coaching, training and carrying out reviews and evaluations of community programs to build bridges and break down barriers.

His years of experience within the public service and within community is invaluable to the Board's regional footprint and strategic effectiveness.