Kinaway Business Mentoring Program

The Kinaway Business Mentoring Program is a voluntary program that allows people to spend time with, and benefit from, the experience and knowledge of someone who will guide and encourage them in their business.

Program overview

The Kinaway Business Mentoring program is a new program for Kinaway members to help them develop and grow their businesses through peer support and business guidance.

A mentor is an advisor and ‘sounding board’ who you can discuss ideas with and assess the viability of those ideas and it is generally a longer term relationship between the mentor and the mentee.

The Kinaway Business Mentoring program is offered in general or focussed rounds or cohort of mentors and mentees.  Our first tranche is detailed below:

 Cohort 1 – The ‘Sistas in Business’ Mentoring program 

This inaugural program will run for 9 months from August 2021 – April 2022.

You can find out more general information about our mentoring program here.

Apply to be a Mentor

So if you are ready to be open, share your knowledge and experience and give back to an Aboriginal business owner then read on….

Mentoring a business owner of an Aboriginal business gives you access to resources, networks and guidance on Aboriginal cultural capability and equally you get to contribute to something outside your normal area of work or business. The mentoring can occur in person, online or a bit of both, whichever is convenient for you and the mentee.

You will also need to allow a minimum of 15 hrs in total (including training, events and mentoring sessions) across a 9 month period.

You can apply by completing our online Mentor Application Form to tell us about your specific experience and interests so we can match you with the right mentee.

Applications Close:  Midnight, Monday 12th of July.

Complete the online application form here.

What happens after you complete the form?

Once you receive an email confirmation of the outcome of your application, if successful, we will request some further information to confirm you in our cohort of mentors.

You’ll be notified in August 2021 if you have been matched with a suitable mentee. Matching is not competitive, but is subject to finding a suitable mentee in our database at the time of application to be matched with your expertise and skills.

When we launch the program to mentee applications and confirm mentees to participate in our first cohort, we will then begin to make mentor/mentee matches and let you know if you have been matched with a mentee. Matching is subject to finding a suitable mentee that seeks your areas and level of expertise.

So occasionally, matches may not occur immediately, but may happen in future cohorts. In this first cohort, we are also prioritising female mentors for matching.

Need help and want to find our more?

For further assistance please contact us or call Kinaway on (03) 9416 2304.