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Helping Our Indigenous Businesses

Surviving covid19 as a person will require patience, resilience and community. As a business owner not only will you require the above, but much, much, more. Letting staff go, juggling bills, uncertainty of income, anxiety about the business in the next couple months not to mention home life and the heath concerns of friends and family. We have over 120 Indigenous businesses, we call them members. They are members of the Victorian Indigenous Chamber of Commerce, the majority of our business are family owned or sole traders. Our members are family and our family need your support. OUR MEMBERS Our family are starting to make life changing decisions, daily, shutting down entire arms of the business, selling assets, taking out loans. Some of our businesses have let go the entire workforce leaving only the founder. Some of those employees have been there since day one. With our members making drastic…

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As Australia moves to respond to the emerging global COVID-19 crisis, IBA wants to assure our customers that we are doing everything we can at this time to assist you and keep our operations running as smoothly as possible. We know that many of you will be facing uncertainty and economic hardship now and in the coming months and our teams are hard at work looking for ways we can assist at this time. IBA BUSINESS FINANCE AND EQUIPMENT FINANCE CUSTOMERS For IBA customers who have a start-up package, business loan or equipment finance product through IBA and have currently been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 situation, you will be able to apply for the following assistance: Deferral of business loan and lease payments for an initial four-month period Waiver of interest on business loans and leases for an initial four-month period Special assistance for customers experiencing hardship, including loan…

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COVID-19 Kinaway Update

Hello Staff, Members and Stakeholders Due to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation and recognising the evolving global medical crisis and the potential risk to the wider community stemming from the virus, the Kinaway Chamber of Commerce Board has decided to implement a Continuity of Operation plan. This decision has taken into account the concerns of our staff , members and key stakeholders to ensure we minimise risk to our Kinaway ecosystem, whilst still having the capacity to deliver services and support to our members over this period. There are 4 phases to the Continuity of Operational plan Phase 1 Identify what risks are present to our staff, members and key stakeholders and how the COVID-19 virus would affect not just our operations, but our members and key stakeholders. Identify what services Kinaway provides and what capacity through out each of the phases looks like Establish delegation powers of staff and…

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Black Cladding – Are Indigenous Businesses Using Culture to Win Government Contracts?

In recent weeks, a well known Indigenous author Bruce Pascoe, was accused that he was not Indigenous and he has made money from pretending to be something he is not. The accusation came from another Indigenous person in the community, the motivation was unclear. Cases like this have happened in the past, such as Mudrooroo, with no real distinct conclusion. The concluding factor usually is confusion, frustration and hurt reputations. On that note, we’ve decided to address the growing trend of Black Cladding. In order to establish a long sustainable legacy, of capable and ethical Indigenous businesses. What is Black Cladding? Black – Denotes Indigenous peoples of Australia, this includes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians that make up some 300+ Clan groups Cladding – A covering or coating on a structure or material. In a sentence – “They said they are an Indigenous business, but there were no Indigenous…

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COVID-19 Coronavirus Protocols – Message from the CEO

Dear Kinaway Members, As you know, Kinaway Chamber of Commerce has many member organisations working across different areas with different clients and stakeholders. We understand that some people in our community are more vulnerable to disease, and so, today we are announcing some guidelines for you, your staff and clients. If any you, your staff or immediate family or household members, have travelled through any of the higher risk and moderate risk countries that the Department of Health identifies at any time, the advice we have been given is that they must immediately isolate themselves and work from home for 14 days from the date of their return. They should only return to work if at the end of 14 days self-isolation they are showing no symptoms; If any you, your staff or immediate family or household members develop any of the identified symptoms, they should seek immediate medical attention….

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Indigenous Culture, What are the Business Implications?

The bronzed Aussie, the long weekend trip down to the favourite family camping ground, sausage sizzles, hot and sweaty Christmas, Holden Commodore(RIP) vs Ford Falcon, XXXX vs VB. What are the thoughts, feelings, nostalgia that floods your mind? Where does this cast you back? These are what most Australians would refer to as part of our culture. In this article, we will explore the difference between mainstream Australian Culture and Indigenous Culture, and what are the implications in business and what are the expectations when it comes to a work/life balance. Firstly, what defines culture, In accordance with Merriam-Webster here are some of the representations of Culture, a) the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group. b) the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterises an institution or organisation. c) the set of values, conventions, or social practices associated with…

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Championing Reconciliation in your Organisation

Reconciliation as defined by Oxford Learners Dictionary, reconciliation (noun)(between A and B) | reconciliation (with somebody) an end to a disagreement and the start of a good relationship again “Their change of policy brought about a reconciliation with Britain.” reconciliation (between A and B) | reconciliation (with something) the process of making it possible for two different ideas, facts, etc. to exist together without being opposed to each other “the reconciliation between environment and development” I don’t think the Dictionary does the word complete justice. If we’re to take the dogmatic view from the dictionary, the process of closing the gap and reconciliation becomes a cold, lengthy and political process. See our calendar of events for an overview of significant dates, you will be able to gain a systematic overview of apologies and key events which outlines the relationship with the First Nations peoples and the Australian Government since 1788….

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3 Easy Steps to Integrate Indigenous Businesses in Your Supply Chain

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander entrepreneurship has been around for a long time. We have covered in other articles the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses. In this article, we will outline three easy steps to discover why you should find and work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and maintain those relationships. As part of the ever-growing social enterprise market, Indigenous business is one of the flagships in this space. First nations people have always been innovative and conducted trade long before European arrival. Since ‘settlement’, Aboriginal and Torres Strait People lost the tools to their trade and the trade itself in land stewardship. Unable to practice business On Country and through various policies of assimilation set by the Federal and State Governments, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia were not included in the foundations of the new world and the new economy that…

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Indigenous business peak opposes changes to Victorian procurement policy

Indigenous business peak opposes changes to Victorian procurement policy 7 August 2019 – Statement from the Board of Kinaway Chamber of Commerce The recent decision by the Victorian Secretaries Board to unilaterally change the Victorian Government’s Indigenous Procurement policy is ill-conceived and has occurred without consulting the Victorian Indigenous business community. The decision, to include Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (ACCOs) and Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations (TOCs), in future calculations of the Victorian Government’s 1% Indigenous procurement, is strongly opposed by over 100 Indigenous businesses represented by Kinaway Chamber of Commerce. We have today issued a position statement declaring the inclusion of ACCOs and TO groups in the State procurement targets as lazy policy making, driven by a need to demonstrate State adherence to national benchmarks with little thought to the consequences for an emerging Indigenous business sector. We point out the enormous difference between for-profit businesses managed by Indigenous…

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New legal rights to challenge Australian Government procurements passed into law

In a significant step for Australian procurement laws, the Government Procurement (Judicial Review) Bill 2017 (Cth) (the Bill) passed the Senate without amendment on 18 October 2018. The  Government Procurement (Judicial Review) Act 2018 (Cth) (the Act) (once commenced) will provide suppliers with a statutory platform to challenge a government procurement process in the Federal Court of Australia (FCA) or Federal Circuit Court of Australia (FCCA) for a breach of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs). Overview  Set out below is a snapshot of the Act. For more detail please refer to our previous article on the Bill here. The Act: will commence six months after assent (being 20 April 2019) or earlier by proclamation only applies to ‘covered procurements’ (where Divisions 1 and 2 of the CPRs apply, the procurement is not exempt under Division 2 and the procurement meets the relevant monetary threshold) only applies to alleged breaches that occur after the Act’s commencement date….

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