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CMP Consulting Group – Platinum Kinaway Partner

It’s 2016, Soyun Punyadasa is sitting in his office preparing a tender application for a major water corporation here in Victoria. Reading over the tender, Soyun had noticed that the customer has stipulated that meaningful outcomes outside the generic “Employment” targets, are a part of the criteria. One of those criteria requests is that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander will be afforded an opportunity to begin a career in the water sector. An internationally experienced corporate professional such as Soyun has never seen such criteria in his career. CMP Consulting, just like many other corporates in the space understand the need for reconciliation, yet little did they know, they were about to understand the “why”. Soyun reached to his dear friend Daniel Charles, a proud Aboriginal man who referred him to Leon Egan. A man of many talents with an amazing background in the police force and community engagement in the…

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Date : Thursday 22 April Time: 5.30pm (AEST) Venue: The NEW Kinaway Business Hub, 31 Hoddle Street, Richmond Please Note – Due to COVID19 restrictions, If you are attending the AGM you must register your attendance on the following link by 12pm Monday April 19 REGISTER HERE AGENDA 1.1 Welcome, Acknowledgement and Introductions 1.2 Apologies 1.4 Approval of Minutes of previous AGM 1.5 Chairperson’s report 2. Acceptance of financial statements 2.1 Treasurers report 2.2 Adoption of annual financial statement 2.3 Appoint Auditor 3. Board Rotation 3.1 Nomination and/or election of Board members (details below) (a). Karen Milward retires in accordance with the provisions of the constitution and being eligible, offers herself for re-election Linkedin Profile (b). Kerry Arabena also retires in accordance with the provisions of the constitution and being eligible, offers herself for re-election – Linkedin Profile (c). Matthew Everett also retires in accordance with the provisions of the constitution and being eligible, offers himself for re-election. Linkedin Profile (d). John Burgess also retires in accordance with the…

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Kinaway Chamber of Commerce Ltd. K’Tahni Pridham-Mulholland (03) 9416 2304 ktahnipm@kinaway.com.au 19/03/2021 MEDIA RELEASE BLAK DESIGN: THE ORIGINAL FASHION AND TEXTILE TREND-SETTERS Kinaway’s exciting plans for supercharging Indigenous fashion. MELBOURNE, VIC – Kinaway Chamber of Commerce announces the release of a Feasibility Study; A Victorian Aboriginal Manufacturing Hub Focusing on Fashion and Textiles by Jeremy Cussen. The study will help guide the commercial development of the First Peoples fashion and textiles businesses in Victoria. In recent years we have seen the rise of independent Aboriginal designers, apparel-retailers, models, photographers and fashion creatives. From clothing to jewelry, ready-to-wear apparel to high fashion. Aboriginal creatives are establishing themselves as entrepreneurs and innovators within the fashion and textiles industry; proving that they have tapped into a beautiful harmony between culture and couture. Whilst we are seeing a growing interest in fostering First Peoples creativity and inclusion in the fashion sector, the study outlined…

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Kinaway Joins Forces with Aboriginal Media

Kinaway members to feature on Connection Matters Radio As Victoria, and particularly Melbourne, slowly emerge from months of economic lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, businesses are looking to the next steps in their operational recovery. “A tragic number of businesses, their staff and families across Victoria have suffered – and continue to suffer – horribly during the lockdowns,” said CEO of Kinaway Chamber of Commerce. Throughout the pandemic Kinaway, though, has continued to work with its members, and in many cases assisted in supporting a positive turnaround; and in partnership with Connection Matters Radio (CMR), those success stories are being taken to the airwaves. Through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two organisations, CMR’s daily 30 minute program, which is aired on 3KND (Kool’n’Deadly) every weekday at 4:30pm, will now feature a Kinaway member success story every week. According to CMR’s owner, Aboriginal journalist and broadcaster Charles Pakana,…

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Kinaway Chamber of Commerce & Boost Templates

Announcing Boost Templates and Kinaway Chamber of Commerce One of the main concerns for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses when starting off is getting access to legal help. Protecting Indigenous Business knowledge is very important to our entrepreneurs, it is more than just good practice, it is a sense of duty and honor to our ancestors and culture. “Boost Legal Templates will save time, money and keep our business on the go, we are very excited about the collaboration” Scott McCartney, Kinaway CEO For some of our businesses at Kinaway, they are often family owned or have a sole operator. Meaning time is money, they don’t have the resources to burn chasing up legal quotes, meeting with lawyers or following up for documents. “Boost Legal Templates gives access to our Aboriginal and Torres Islander Businesses in a way that is effective and easy.” Matthew Karakoulakis, AMK Law Founder The…

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Reconciliation in Action: Happsa Group

In recent months we have seen a decline in the activity in the Victorian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business community, due to COVID and a slower economy, many of our businesses have been severely impacted. During the chaos some of our businesses have displayed awe inspiring resilience, wither that is delivering food to quarantined mob or holding virtual happy hours. Our wider Indigenous community have endured some hardships over the decades and this pandemic brought out some of the best characteristics in us, and maybe some of the things we need to work on.  Not all was doom and gloom, members also found themselves with sales growth that far exceeded their existing capacity and capability, and from that they were able to forge new relationships birthed out of a very trying time. These businesses then were scrambling for talent, Indigenous talent to fill the newly created positions.     …

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Why Black Businesses and Black Lives Matter

MEDIA RELEASE  Tuesday 21 July The Kinaway Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting legitimate certified Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses. Kinaway has a strict and transparent certification process that supports the achievement of Victorian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment outcomes as a priority, through Social and Indigenous Procurement targets set by corporate and government organisations in Australia. These policies aim to “close the gap” through meaningful procurement and employment opportunities such as the Victoria’s Social Procurement Framework and the Federal Indigenous Procurement Policy. Recently, Kinaway member Unified Security had been identified as a recipient of a Victorian State Government contract under the State Government Social Procurement framework. In an article appearing on the front page of the Herald Sun dated Monday 20 July 2020, titled SECURITY CONTRACT RORT – Operators “weaponising” Indigenous policy – by Kieran Rooney, references were made to rogue security businesses in Victoria setting…

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Kinaway Tax Support Package

Priority is given to those businesses  impacted by COVID-19 and employ people.  Ineligible for State and Commonwealth grants due to taxation and accounting requirements not being up to date.  ‘First-come-first-served’ basis.  Support will be provided for bookkeeping, accounting, preparation and submission of tax returns and BAS statements, online access to Xero or MYOB access, tax/payroll obligations, superannuation, and worker cover obligations to staff to a maximum capped value of $1,500 (exc GST) per business. For all T&C’s please follow the link to our Expression of Interest Page. Expression of Interest

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COVID-19 forces closure of more than half of Victoria’s Indigenous businesses

18 May 2020 Victoria’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander business sector is in severe decline from the impact of COVID-19 according to the preliminary findings of a survey by the sector’s peak body. Kinaway Chamber of Commerce said it began comprehensively surveying its 150 members early this year, initially in response to Victoria’s bushfire crisis, and then during the ongoing pandemic. Kinaway Chair, Karen Milward, said the survey had revealed a sector in serious trouble with more than 22% of businesses immediately ceasing operations in March 2020. “We expect that figure to have increased significantly by now with the survey predicting that by the end of May 58% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned businesses in Victoria would be closed,” said Ms Milward. “Nearly every business surveyed said they would not remain operating beyond three months of the March lock downs.” “This is a catastrophe that eclipses even the…

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Board member Expression of Interest

Due to a recent retirement, the Kinaway Chamber of Commerce invites suitable experienced applicants to register their Expressions of Interest to join the Kinaway board. The Kinaway Chamber of Commerce is an incorporated organisation. The role of the organisation is to grow the Victorian Indigenous business community. The Chamber represents the business community at Federal, State and local levels through advocacy, networking, information sharing and support services. The Chamber provides powerful leadership and considered solutions that support business success. As per Kinaway Chamber of Commerce, section 11.2, to qualify for appointment as a Board Appointed Director a person shall demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the Board, knowledge and experience of at least 5 years in one or more of the following areas: (a) financial management; (b) business; (c) marketing; and (d) any other skill or area of expertise required by the Board. Individuals planning to submit an Expression of Interest…

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