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CMP Consulting Group – Platinum Kinaway Partner


It’s 2016, Soyun Punyadasa is sitting in his office preparing a tender application for a major water corporation here in Victoria. Reading over the tender, Soyun had noticed that the customer has stipulated that meaningful outcomes outside the generic “Employment” targets, are a part of the criteria. One of those criteria requests is that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander will be afforded an opportunity to begin a career in the water sector.

An internationally experienced corporate professional such as Soyun has never seen such criteria in his career. CMP Consulting, just like many other corporates in the space understand the need for reconciliation, yet little did they know, they were about to understand the “why”.

Soyun reached to his dear friend Daniel Charles, a proud Aboriginal man who referred him to Leon Egan. A man of many talents with an amazing background in the police force and community engagement in the AFL. Leon provides cultural training to many organisations in Victoria, he is known for completely turning the tables when it comes to the narrative of First peoples here in Australia. During Leon’s training session there were many tears, laughs; and most importantly, hearts and minds were changed.

CMP was looking for a professional service to help them win more work for their organisation. After the session, Leon had won more people for the work of reconciliation.

“This isn’t a cultural training session, this is a journey”. – Leon Egan

This is something Soyun remembers distinctively from that day. He remembers going home and for the first time in a long time, as an extrovert, needed some space to process the entire session.

The entire staff has since joined the “journey” with some clients even attending the session, hungry to understand more about their First Nations people.

Going from “here’s where we need help” to “how can we help?” CMP has completely changed their approach in how it as an organisation will work alongside the Indigenous marketplace.

CMP believes that a shared future with shared prosperity is the way forward. What is mine is yours. CMP commenced in 2008, they have grown to 60 employees working across the water sector here in Victoria.

One of their unique programs is the CMP University – an internal training program for CMP staff. With the Kinaway Platinum Partnership, some of this content will be available to Kinaway Members.

Recently Kinaway held the Wara Paring webinar this covered the unique 100% aboriginal enterprise that is creating the new standard in the Indigenous Marketplace. Instead of a JV that could end up being a power broker stalemate. The entity Wara Paring is in complete control of Aboriginal executives who are in collaboration with mainstream Australian business.

To watch the webinar click here.

CMP will also be partnering with schools and universities to see more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students elect Engineering as the vocation of choice. CMP believes that Indigenous ingenuity is completely untapped and the next David Unaipon could be just around the corner.

Thank you for your support CMP Consulting!

Kinaway is from the Gunnai language meaning “exchange.”

Kinaway Chamber of Commerce is the leading Victorian organisation dedicated to supporting Victorian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business owners. Our focus is on changing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s lives through a strength-based model of business ownership and participation in the Victorian economy.

Kinaway Chamber of Commerce works closely with businesses by providing

  • Support
  • Networking
  • Advocacy
  • Partnerships

These services provide an essential framework to promote and support the ongoing operation of Aboriginal businesses.

Kinaway Chamber of Commerce fosters and develops partnerships with government, corporates, and academia to build procurement opportunities and facilitate support to Aboriginal businesses.

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