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COVID-19 Kinaway Update


Hello Staff, Members and Stakeholders

Due to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation and recognising the evolving global medical crisis and the potential risk to the wider community stemming from the virus, the Kinaway Chamber of Commerce Board has decided to implement a Continuity of Operation plan.

This decision has taken into account the concerns of our staff , members and key stakeholders to ensure we minimise risk to our Kinaway ecosystem, whilst still having the capacity to deliver services and support to our members over this period.

There are 4 phases to the Continuity of Operational plan

Phase 1

Identify what risks are present to our staff, members and key stakeholders and how the COVID-19 virus would affect not just our operations, but our members and key stakeholders.

Identify what services Kinaway provides and what capacity through out each of the phases looks like
Establish delegation powers of staff and board members in the inability of staff and or board member not being able to fulfil their duties

Phase 2

Roll out precautionary measures immediately to minimise risk to staff, members and stake holders. This includes and is not limited to:

Issue information regarding COVID-19 and hygiene protocols in the office
Issue advice and warning to our members and stakeholders
Establish a remote working platform
Implement pandemic protocols around self-isolation.
Cancel/Postpone all events planned for up to a 4 week period
All face to face meetings to be either teleconference of video conference. This includes board and sub-committee meetings.
If a meeting can’t be face to face, postpone for 4 weeks

Phase 3

As the pandemic evolves, further steps will be implemented to minimise risk to staff, members and stake holders. These include and are not limited to

Implement the work remotely plan
Implement a review date of 10 working days
Asses the status of the pandemic and test the ability for staff to return to work on a case by case situation. Parameters to be set on advice from government

Phase 4

This phase is about recovery. Once identified that staff can return to work, this is then done on a case by case situation.

Once the board has received advice that returning to work poses no further risk, the Chief Executive Officer will liaise with staff addressing any concerns about returning to work the workplace
Kinaway Chief Executive Officer will report back to the board about Kinaway’s ability to deliver services and at what capacity
CEO will implement protocols required to return to work that minimises risk to staff, members and key stakeholders

The Kinaway board has determined that due the evolution of the COVID-19 situation and on advice in our pandemic protocols for self-isolation, that we are at phase 3.

Kinaway staff will be working remotely from Tuesday 17 March. This will be reviewed on Monday 30 March.

The Kinaway phone line will be diverted to a staff member so that calls from our members and stakeholders are still answered.

Attached is Kinaway’s Pandemic protocols, feel free to utilise in your own business and share amongst your networks.

Kinaway Chamber of Commerce Pandemic Protocols

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