The Digital Support (Website) Program

Kinaway in partnership with Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) are offering members a fantastic opportunity to have an online presence through The Digital Support (Website) Program. This program will fund the design and development of up to 50 new websites for our members by an Aboriginal business specialising in small business websites! Any member that does not have a website, please see below a description of the websites available, as well as the member selection criteria.


There are three website designs:

  • Basic Website – is a simple static one-page website (with up to 6 sections) with one email address. The member will supply their own content and photos for the website. This style of website is suitable for those who need a website that displays some basic details about them and their business. Examples of suitable businesses might include sole traders or partnerships advertising their services; electrical, plumbing, training, consultancy services etc.
    Example Website coming soon!


  • Intermediate Website – is a simple static 3-4 page website with one email where the member will assist a copy writer with the content (max 1200 words) as well as provide the images and photography. Suitable businesses may include construction businesses, consultants, agencies or a small retailer who is considering selling online in the future.
    Click to view example website here!


  • Integrated Website – is an ecommerce website with one email address where the member will be required to assist a professional write the copy (max 1200 words) as well as provide images and photography. Suitable businesses may include businesses transitioning to online sales of products or services.
    Click to view example website here!


As the program is limited to 50 websites and the website development is limited to 3 designs, priority will be given to members who can demonstrate the following:

  • they do not have an existing website
  • their website needs are consistent with one of the 3 designs described above; basic, intermediate or integrated
  • can demonstrate their business is operational
  • can demonstrate that a website will add value to the business
  • are willing to fund future website maintenance and costs
  • are willing to be involved in the design process by completing the necessary documentation, provide photos and content within the timeframes required by the web designers


We have consciously chosen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses as supply partners for this online visibility project and are grateful to be able to offer this service to 50 members.


PLEASE NOTE: Websites developed through this program are within the confines of the 3 designs described above and there is no opportunity to deliver beyond this scope. The building and delivery of website will be staged to allow the developers the time required to deliver member websites within the parameters of the designed offered.

Please complete and submit your expression of interest below by 25th of April, 2022!