Frequently Asked Questions for First Peoples’ COVID-19 Business Support Fund

Are previous recipients of the Victorian Government’s coronavirus (COVID-19) support packages eligible for this grant?

  • Aboriginal businesses who have already received funding of $10,000 or more from the Business Support Fund, the Business Support Fund – Expansion program or the third round of the Business Support Fund are not eligible for funding under this program.
  • Aboriginal businesses who have received a $5000 grant from the Business Support Fund – Expansion program are eligible for a $5000 grant under this program.
  • Aboriginal businesses who have received funding of up to $3000 from the Sole Trader Support Fund (STSF) are eligible for a reduced grant amount under this program (the grant amount will be reduced by the amount already received from STSF).

I run an Aboriginal small business, but I am not certified by Kinaway Chamber of Commerce. Can I still apply?

You must complete certification with Kinaway before submitting your grant application. Visit for more information on certification.

I have not heard about my application. Is it still being considered?

We endeavour to process all submitted applications within 10 business days.

Delays may happen if:

  • you have not submitted the requested supporting documentation
  • your submitted documentation is incorrect
  • the application has been returned to you for amendments
  • more than one application has been submitted for the same business – this may cause a delay in assessment, but if all other eligibility criteria are met, you will receive funding for the one ABN (i.e. one application)
  • your business’ registration with the Australian Taxation Office is not current and accurate.

In all circumstances you will be notified of any of these issues.

If you require further assistance, please call the Business Victoria hotline on 13 22 15.

How do I know what the status of my application is?

The status of your application will appear in the Business Victoria Grants Portal:

  • Draft – you have started an application
  • Submitted – you have accepted the terms and conditions and submitted
  • Under assessment – your application has been received and is being assessed by the Business Victoria team
  • Successful – your application was successful
  • Unsuccessful – your application was unsuccessful.

From the time you submit your application, you will receive progress notifications by email.

However, please note that we cannot contact you while your application is still in ‘draft’ or not yet submitted as this means that you have not given the department permission to use your contact details.