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Helping Our Indigenous Businesses


Surviving covid19 as a person will require patience, resilience and community.

As a business owner not only will you require the above, but much, much, more.

Letting staff go, juggling bills, uncertainty of income, anxiety about the business in the next couple months not to mention home life and the heath concerns of friends and family.

We have over 120 Indigenous businesses, we call them members. They are members of the Victorian Indigenous Chamber of Commerce, the majority of our business are family owned or sole traders.

Our members are family and our family need your support.


Our family are starting to make life changing decisions, daily, shutting down entire arms of the business, selling assets, taking out loans.

Some of our businesses have let go the entire workforce leaving only the founder. Some of those employees have been there since day one.

With our members making drastic shifts in the business, take away only, remote working conditions and diversifying supply chains.

We are finding many are unprepared for the transition that came upon us so suddenly.

Some of our members are battling the dip in sales with one hand and trying to fend off attacks against culture with the other.



Our Indigenous businesses are 100 x more likely to hire another Indigenous person! The economic and social affects of COVID19 will mean less Indigenous people employed not just nationally but in their own businesses.

Stopping the community from doing what they love, directly impacts “closing the gap” and will delay change and possible send us backwards.

You’ve heard the term weakest link, our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the lowest socio demographic in Australia. If they suffer, we all suffer.

Keeping our businesses alive, not just surviving but thriving is of the upmost importance.




Our business more than ever need confidence,

Confidence to pay their remaining staff,

– Feed their families
– Pay the rent
– Pay the bills
– Purchase tech upgrades
– Take out loans
– Diversify
– Online Classes



Most of us are confined to working from home, meaning we have now been afforded time that we otherwise would be in transit.

As you scroll aimlessly through your socials, leave a like or share a post, maybe follow that person/business.

Be interactive, be genuine, not only is it good for your social interaction but it helps generate more awareness for that business.

Awareness = Confidence = Momentum

You might not able to afford the product or service now, but your letting the business now that you are still interested and you want to see them succeed.

When time comes, you will be right there, in line, with other humans! Crazy idea right.



For most of our businesses they are still operating, our cafes and caterers are offering takeaway menus or dry stock for sale.

Our services industry are limited but are planning sales forecasts and marketing plans. A quick phone call, or preorder or confirmation of that contract is life changing in these events.



Now this is a little more complex and may require extra thought, but worth sharing the concept.

For those with confirmed budgets on projects, or purchasing officers who have awarded contracts through tender. NOW is the time to put something down, anything 5% 10%.

Our businesses say that deposits are the lifeblood to the business, this has a trickle down effect, bringing confidence, financial flexibility and security.

We have also identified that many of our businesses are going through cost reduction as we speak. Cancelling software licenses, subscriptions, memberships and training packages.

If you are in the position to offer an unused license’s, webinars on marketing or software, training on starting podcast or live streams and maybe even a studio to use.

This is of immense value to our Indigenous Businesses.

Other valuable services pro bono accounting, marketing advice or even legal advice.



With stimulus packages on the way many of our Indigenous have already made the hard decisions.

To make an immediate impact, Kinaway Chamber of Commerce will using your donations to inject cash grants straight into our most vulnerable members.

We are currently working on a way to give via an online platform, please like, subscribe or follow us to keep up to date.

All donations over $2.00 WILL be Tax Deductable.




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