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Kinaway Chamber of Commerce & Boost Templates


Announcing Boost Templates and Kinaway Chamber of Commerce

One of the main concerns for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses when starting off is getting access to legal help. Protecting Indigenous Business knowledge is very important to our entrepreneurs, it is more than just good practice, it is a sense of duty and honor to our ancestors and culture.

“Boost Legal Templates will save time, money and keep our business on the go, we are very excited about the collaboration”

Scott McCartney, Kinaway CEO

For some of our businesses at Kinaway, they are often family owned or have a sole operator. Meaning time is money, they don’t have the resources to burn chasing up legal quotes, meeting with lawyers or following up for documents.

“Boost Legal Templates gives access to our Aboriginal and Torres Islander Businesses in a way that is effective and easy.”

Matthew Karakoulakis, AMK Law Founder

The team at Boost are always keen to help, if you ever get stuck, you can call the team or message and they will walk you through some of the process.

Kinaway & Boost Legal Templates

Kinaway Chamber of Commerce is the Victorian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Chamber of Commerce, with over 200 Victorian Indigenous businesses. It is the foremost location to engage with capable and proven Victorian Aboriginal and Torres Strait entrepreneurs.

This partnership will create savings for members in many different ways, apart from Boost Legal Templates being an Victorian Aboriginal owned business, meaning you have Indigenous to Indigenous transactions, Kinaway’s members will receive a 25% discount across all Boost templates.

For Kinaway discount please get in touch with the team.

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