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Kinaway & Hutchinson Builders – Building The Future Together


The Natural Flow – Preston Campbell

This artwork acknowledges Hutchinson Builders’ ongoing commitment and dedication towards training, employment and business opportunities through its Statim Yaga Initiative for individuals, families and communities throughout Australia.

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Hutchies & Kinaway Partnership – Building The Future Together

In 2012, Hutchies turned 100 years old. Associated with extensive and complicated projects. Jack Hutchinson, the founder, first record of work was to construct a new kitchen at Fort Lytton in 1912. Over the century Hutchinson Builders, (referred to affectionately as Hutchies) has developed into one of the most dependable building firms in Australia. Constructing over 35 billion dollars’ worth of work since 1990, Hutchies always stays ahead of the game and conducts its business as one big family.

This natural flair to treat staff and partners as family has only amplified Hutchies’ reputation in the Indigenous economy. In 2012 Hutchinson Builders employed a dedicated Indigenous specialist to increase cultural capability within the organisation. Objectives for the new hire were to maximise training, employment and business opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

At Kinaway, we had heard of the success of these Indigenous programs. We put this down to Hutchies’ desire to connect with community at grassroots levels. Before Australia’s Federal Government implemented the Indigenous Procurement Policy in 2015, Hutchies had already been investing into the space. Further showing their ability to stay ahead of the game.

In fact, since 2012 Hutchinson Builders, under its Staim Yaga program, has employed hundreds of Indigenous Australians across their projects, either directly or through their large subcontractor and supplier base. In addition to this, they have engaged over 140 Indigenous businesses with contracts totalling over $40M. While most of their projects are in the capital cities, they also specialise in rural and remote work, often working directly with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Shire Councils and traditional owner groups.

“Our family has done well over the last 110 years but much of our Indigenous population has struggled. We should all help wherever we can.” – Scott Hutchinson, Chairman.

Hutchies’ ethos and organisational culture are strongly aligned with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, businesses and individuals. Similar to our culture, Hutchies builds relationships based on hard-earned trust and respect – ‘we do, what we say we will do’. A partnership with Hutchinson Builders was a no brainer, Kinaway prioritises the same values and ethos.

One of the standout attributes we noticed with Hutchies was their unique and distinctive organisational structure, unlike many others, which are very silo-like. Hutchies promotes a flat structure, which allows anyone to talk to the most senior people in the organisation. This is splendid news for Indigenous businesses wanting to peel back the corporate jargon and yarn to the right people.

Kinaway members in particular will have direct access to their project teams and will be provided with advice, support and feedback along the way. On top of this, Hutchies’ dedicated Indigenous (Statim Yaga) Team will be there to guide you on your journey. Whether you are a startup or mature business, they will be there to support you in whichever way they can.

Welcome Hutchinson Builders to the Kinaway family.

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