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Kinaway Joins Forces with Aboriginal Media


Kinaway members to feature on Connection Matters Radio

As Victoria, and particularly Melbourne, slowly emerge from months of economic lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, businesses are looking to the next steps in their operational recovery.

“A tragic number of businesses, their staff and families across Victoria have suffered – and continue to suffer – horribly during the lockdowns,” said CEO of Kinaway Chamber of Commerce.

Throughout the pandemic Kinaway, though, has continued to work with its members, and in many cases assisted in supporting a positive turnaround; and in partnership with Connection Matters Radio (CMR), those success stories are being taken to the airwaves.

Through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two organisations, CMR’s daily 30 minute program, which is aired on 3KND (Kool’n’Deadly) every weekday at 4:30pm, will now feature a Kinaway member success story every week.

According to CMR’s owner, Aboriginal journalist and broadcaster Charles Pakana, there is an enormous demand for Aboriginal business success stories. “It isn’t just mob who want to hear them,” he said. “Every time I air one of those stories and post them on the CMR website, traffic goes through the roof.

“Most importantly, businesses owned and operated by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are fundamental to our economic independence and, as a result, promote self-determination.”

In commenting on the decision to partner with CMR, Scott McCartney said: “Charles is a highly regarded journalist and recognised across the State as having a strong focus on promoting positivity within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

“This partnership is one more step towards breaking down barriers that all too often confront Aboriginal businesses and the hard working people behind them.”







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