The Kinaway Business Mentoring & Coaching Program is a voluntary program that allows people to spend time with, and benefit from, the experience and knowledge of someone who will guide and encourage them in their business.


The Kinaway Business Mentoring & Coaching Program is a new program for Kinaway members to help them develop and grow their businesses through peer support and business guidance.

There are two elements to the program, business mentoring and business coaching. Business mentoring and business coaching are similar, but involve different skills and a different approach.

A mentor is an advisor and ‘sounding board’ who you can discuss ideas with and assess the viability of those ideas and it is generally a longer term relationship between the mentor and the mentee. Coaching is shorter term and more structured, a coach helps you improve your ability to do business tasks and understand them.


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Kinaway Covid19 - Resilience and Recovery - Business Program

2020 was a year we will never forget!  Everyone who runs a business was affected, and some of our businesses were were forced into mandated business lockdowns, had to restructure workforces or go into hibernation. Other businesses were able to pivot their business and use the restricted trading times to look at new ways of working, new offerings and new customers. Other businesses

Moving into 2021, Kinaway have developed a more structured program for our business members to seek and gain the support you need to stay resilient and recover from the impacts of the Covid19 pandemic.

In partnership with VECCI and the Victorian Government, we are running a business coaching program designed for Kinaway members.

Eligible business owners can receive up to four 2-hour sessions with a business coach who will help them make informed decisions about the future of their business.

The program offers tailored guidance on:

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