What justifies creating a campaign form? 

Any project, program or event, that is expected to involve multiple days of marketing across Kinaway’s social and/or communicative platforms.


If I only want a single post made, do I still need to complete this from?
No, single posts can simply be emailed to us (keaganm@kinaway.com.au), with the relevant information; Title, Body Text, Date.


What do I do if I need to amend this form? 

Easy! Send an email with your amendment to Keagan (keaganm@kinaway.com.au), and make sure to include the title of your project, program or event.


If I want to organise a webinar, do I need to complete a campaign form? 

Yes. This allows us the time to promote, and organise the technical aspects of producing your webinar. Remember to give us plenty of warning for these types of events.


Marketing Campaign Form
Please ensure you submit form 1-2 weeks prior to commencement.
When will your project/program/event begin?
When will your project/program/event end?
Please structure with DATE, TITLE, BODY TEXT.