Welcome to the Kinaway Marketplace for Indigenous Business Owners to connect with government and corporate organisations seeking to partner and procure with Victorian Aboriginal businesses.

Note: *only paid Aboriginal Business Owners will feature in the Kinaway Marketplace,
All those who signed up as ‘database only members will not feature in this section.

Access Kinaway Marketplace Here

If you are an existing user of other Vendor Panel procurement portals such as Supply Nation or Social Traders:

For Existing Users It’s easy to link to your existing profile.

In the registration email, accept the invitation and sign into your existing account to register.

If you are a new user:

For New User with Kinaway Marketplace

Once you have registered you will be able to add colleagues to your company profile.

You and your colleagues must be registered to respond to new projects and opportunities and will then be able to submit quotes and proposals

Once you’re setup, you will be automatically notified of new projects and opportunities as they are posted. You or your colleagues will then be able to submit quotes and proposals.

If you have any questions on the process please contact Kinaway 0n 9416 2304