Ventia Partners with Kinaway Chamber of Commerce

Ventia aim to help create more equitable outcomes at the societal level for First Nations people and communities. Ventia touches almost every part of everyday life and are critical to essential infrastructure. Through this partnership Ventia hope to assist Kinaway’s Member businesses to broaden their exposure to critical industries and infrastructure.

Kinaway’s Business Growth Survey – Enter to WIN

Kinaway was proud to invite special guest Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton, to come and yarn with us about Vaccinations! We shone light on the benefits of getting vaccinated and addressing some common myths that are are floating around about them… Click to watch!

Coates partner with Kinaway

Coates has established a new partnership with the Kinaway Chamber of Commerce, who represent the Victorian Indigenous economy, as part of Coates’ ongoing commitment to reconciliation and its collaborations with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Chambers of Commerce nationally.



COVIDSafe Webinar
In case you missed it… Yesterday, Kinaway met with Michelle Delaire (Executive Director of Deputy State Controller), Ylva Carosone (executive Director of Small Business Victoria) and Scott McCartney (Kinaway CEO) to discuss COVIDSafe requirements and available funding for First Nations business owners in Victoria.