The new Business Visibility program will provide our members with access to high-quality digital development services such as:


  • Website/E-commerce website development
  • Copywriting/Editing
  • Photography
  • Digital media marketing
  • Merchandising
  • Video production/Video content

Kinaway now invites Aboriginal businesses to express their interest to join the Business Visibility program – supplier panel to provide services to our members through the program.

The Business Visibility program will provide in-kind funding to Kinaway members to access professional digital development services (as indicated above).

There are three components in this Expression of Interest for preferred panel suppliers:

  1. Online presence review – review report document development
  2. Online presence review – delivery services
  3. Professional services – delivery services

Dependant on the category of service requested, applicants to the program will be required to participate in an ‘online presence’ review. The review will provide an assessment of the online visibility needs of the business and recommend improvements to existing digital infrastructure and collateral.

Once an online review is completed, the member business will then be provided with access to a relevant and appropriate level of service delivery to meet their assessed needs.

Business Visibility program recipients will be able to select from a list of preferred suppliers to deliver the recommended services proposed in the online presence review.

Kinaway will then contract the provider to provide services under the program on behalf of the recipient member.

Full details of the program are available on the EOI Business Visibility Program – Supplier Panel page.