Aboriginal Business Wellbeing Event (Hume region)

Expressions of Interest
Kinaway is seeking Expressions of Interest from Kinaway members to design and deliver an Aboriginal Business Wellbeing event in the Hume region in Regional Victoria. The event will focus on economic development post 2019/20 Bushfires.

This business wellbeing event will facilitate a safe, healing space to focus on recovery and build confidence and resilience, to help foster the ability to prepare and plan for future growth.

The event is to be held prior to June 15th 2022.

The event is to be held in a convenient location in the Hume region for the majority of local businesses to attend. The project will require the successful applicant to have or develop localised knowledge and connections to:
– local Kinaway members
– the local Aboriginal community
• including organisations and groups such as the Wodonga Aboriginal Local Network convened through the First Peoples Relations Victoria and Mungabareena and Traditional Owner groups

– Local business organisations such as:

– Business Wodonga
– Many Rivers,
– Good Sheppard
– Global Sisters

The above organisations may be able to provide event marketing, participants, information and resources for the event.

The aims for the project are:
• the event acts as a connection point for Aboriginal businesses to come together to provide a peer support network
• businesses have opportunity to build resilience and plan for business disruption
• to support businesses to recover from trauma and plan for future opportunities
• Businesses have greater confidence to embark on new opportunities
The outcomes that we expect will be achieved:
• businesses feel more connected to each other
• businesses feel increased resilience
• businesses feel greater confidence
• businesses feel greater support from their peer network

Kinaway has a strong social media presence and will support the promotion of the event on various social media channels to encourage Aboriginal and wider community participation.

Kinaway responsibilities:
• Allocation of a Project Manager to provide assistance and support – Aboriginal Business Broker, Julie Sanders (Western Victoria)
• Provision of advice to support the contractor to organise and deliver the event
• Provision of a set budget for the project delivery
• Promote the event via Kinaway social media platforms
• Monitoring the key milestones
• Ensuring KPI’s are met and post-event reporting is completed

Contractor responsibilities:
• Manage the Budget for the event.
• Develop and deliver a 4 hour Wellbeing event 10am -2pm
• Negotiate the date of delivery with Kinaway
• Development of a program/agenda
• Engagement of guest speakers/panel
• Facilitating the delivery of the event
• Sourcing and booking venue and catering
• Connecting with local Aboriginal organisations and groups such as the Wodonga Aboriginal Local Network convened through the First Peoples Relations Victoria, Mungabareena and relevant Traditional Owner groups for marketing and participants
• Connecting with local business organisations such as Business Wodonga, Many Rivers, Good Sheppard and Global Sisters around marketing, participants and resources
• Promote the event in the community and with other Kinaway members with assistance of Kinaway’s project manager
• Invite Kinaway members and other Aboriginal business owners to the event and manage rsvp’s
• Ensure Covid19 safe practices
• develop post-participant surveys of registered participant and people who participated to provide feedback on the event around KPI’s
• Deliver a post event report (template to be provided by Kinaway)
• Acquittal of the event budget

A budget of up to $9,000 (+gst) has been applied for the delivery this project. You will be required to submit a project budget for the delivery of the event and earmark your contractor fee for delivery of the project.

To apply please develop an Expression of Interest including the information below:

– About the Business
o Please provide business description, contact details
– The project proposal
o Please provide a proposal as to what you will deliver for the event and cover off on the aims and outcomes of the project. Include: the format, proposed location, event capacity, speakers, topics, what you will provide to participants.
– Marketing the event
o Include information about how you will promote the event to seek participants.
– Your experience in designing and delivery similar events
o Provide examples of events you have delivered or co-delivered in the past.
– Your connection to the local community, local businesses and local organisations
o Describe your connection to the Hume area and its relevant organisations
– Information on project partners
o Please provide information on whether you will work with partners to deliver this project e.g. other businesses who will share in the contractor fee responsible for delivery of the event. What will be their role, what value will they add to the project?
– Information on your current public liability insurance
o Please provide information on your current policy. You will be required to show evidence of insurance if awarded the project
– Your capacity to deliver prior to the June 15th
o Please describe when you will begin and complete the project including undertaking reporting requirements. Include any staff who may work on the event.
– Procurement
o Describe how you might include other Aboriginal businesses in the delivery of this project. (these are businesses who you may contract to provide paid services for the event e.g. catering.)
– Develop a project budget including your contractor fee.
o Include relevant costs such as venue, catering, AV, speakers, marketing, administration, contingency, travel and contractor fee.

For enquires on this EOI please call Julie Sanders on 0497 631 724

To submit this EOI please send an email to julies@kinaway.com.au by 11.59pm, Sunday 15/05/2022.