Kinaway Supporting Sustainable Pathways to Employment Program – this is a program to help First Nations job seekers to increase job readiness and strengthen the skills required for sustainable employment and job satisfaction.

Kinaway Chamber of Commerce is seeking Expressions of Interest from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned businesses that have the capability to provide pre-employment Training and employment support services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job seekers. The focus of the program is to support job seekers from the most vulnerable groups of the Indigenous community with support, training, skills, and the qualifications for job readiness. Once the Program participant is job ready and placed in a secured job role, the Mentoring service provider(s) will support the new employee with mentoring support for the first 26 weeks of employment.

Belief, purpose, skills combined with culturally sensitive support is critical to the success of new employees in any job role and Kinaway is committed to improving successful, sustainable employment outcomes for First Nations job seekers throughout Victoria, through the delivery of impactful employment programs.

Project Description

Kinaway Chamber of Commerce invites Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses to express their interest in providing employment and mentoring services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job seekers, through the Sustainable Pathways to Employment Program. Activities in the program include job related and training activities as well as mentoring support.

The Program will assist disadvantaged and long term unemployed Indigenous job seekers from across Victoria to obtain the skills, qualifications, and support to gain and retain meaningful employment. The Provider is to recruit, support and mentor 52 Indigenous applicants with a focus on recruitment of those who are 45+ older females and/or long-term unemployed job seekers.


Program Duration

Program Start Date: commencement of Agreement

Program End Date: 31 December 2022 or earlier termination date

Activities: All activities must be completed by the program end date. The recruitment, training and job readiness of Participants must be completed by 30 June 2022.

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