Kinetic Partner with Kinaway!


Kinetic is Australasia’s largest mass transit operator employing over 4000 staff across 50+ CONTRACTS and delivering more than 55 million passengers across our network with a fleet of approximately 3000 vehicles. We operate urban and school bus routes, charter and are best known for our iconic world class SkyBus business operating at both Melbourne and Hobart Airports.


Kinetic’s corporate vision is to improve the livelihoods of the communities in which we live and operate. A key component of that vision is our journey of reconciliation and support of First Nation’s people across Australia. As a consequence, Kinetic initiated in 2021 the Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan and is committed to engaging with First Nations businesses across our network in terms of supply of goods and services as well as providing direct employment opportunities to First Nation’s people. Kinetic has directly engaged a First Nations inhouse advisor to provide guidance and cultural awareness to directly support our initiatives in this area.

Kinetic recognised the passion and unquestioned reputation of Kinaway as an organisation that could assist and facilitate a successful engagement with our First Nations communities here in Victoria. At Kinetic, we are approaching this journey humbly with an emphasis on listening to the community and Kinaway is uniquely positioned to assist us with this journey.

Our aim in supporting the First Nation’s economy is as follows:

  • To assist our First Nation communities with their journey to economic independence and self determination
  • To enhance understanding of our First Nation’s people and their culture within Kinetic and the broader communities we operate in

Kinetic is committed to working with First Nation businesses across the supply chain but in addition will look to support in a culturally sensitive manner the ability of these businesses to build scope and capability within their sector.

Kinetic is privileged and humbled by the opportunity to contribute to economic outcomes for First Nation businesses and people. Kinaway’s expertise can directly impact the quality and quantity of Kinetic’s engagement in this sector by not only facilitating connections but by providing cultural support and guidance to ensure long term relationships are established and strengthen over time.

Find out more about our new partner, via their website!

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