Multiplex is a premier construction company with a simple purpose: to construct a better future. Established in Australia in 1962, they are known for shaping skylines and delivering iconic projects around the world. Multiplex have expertise across the entire property sector, and have delivered more than 1,000 projects with a combined value in excess of US$90 billion.

“Our people believe we can outperform in everything we do. In any situation, we challenge ourselves to do more or better, to harness opportunities and realise potential for our people, projects, communities and industry.”

Multiplex are backed by the financial stability and global relationships of their parent company, Brookfield, one of the world’s largest alternative asset managers. Multiplex has a long history of engaging with Indigenous communities, listening and learning, and using their specific needs as drivers for tailored programmes.

Multiplex’s Indigenous initiatives aim to unlock opportunities for participation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, by teaching skills, and supplying qualifications and employment. While Multiplex always deliver and often exceed the Indigenous participation requirements of their projects, their ultimate aim is to help First Nations communities to become self-sufficient, focusing on long-term change rather than a temporary fix. A great example is adult literacy campaign Literacy for Life.

Literacy for Life Foundation
Multiplex partnered with First Nations campaigner, Jack Beeston, to establish the Literacy for Life Foundation in 2012; Training Aboriginal and Torres Strait people to bring literacy to their communities. It began as a holistic solution to Indigenous participation requirements on some projects, and went on to become a national campaign with immense flow on effects for health, education, the justice system and employment.
More than 250 people have graduated from Literacy for Life campaigns run in more than 12 First Nations communities around Australia.

Multiplex Connectivity Centres
Another way Multiplex facilitate access and opportunity for Australia’s First Peoples is through their Connectivity Centres. The Connectivity Centre is a concept designed by Multiplex, to connect local job seekers with job service providers and work together to find solutions to their specific problems. These Connectivity Centres have changed the lives of many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through prevocational training, work experience programs, life skills like learn-to-drive programs, and placement into roles within the construction and allied industries.

Multiplex RAP
Multiplex recently made a formal commitment toward reconciliation through the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) program. Through the process of reflection, Multiplex has taken the first steps in a journey towards a reconciled Australia.

“We recognise we can achieve more when we connect with others, within and between our teams, with our clients, trade partners, communities, and industry. A partnership with Kinaway gives us access to a network of organisations with shared values, and an opportunity to expand our positive impact on Indigenous communities.”

Multiplex’s purpose is to construct a better future. For them, that means harnessing opportunities and helping people, projects, and communities to reach their full potential.

“Within this context, we aim to increase the opportunity for the participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the wider workforce through the provision of skills, qualifications and employment.”

With a number of current (including the New Footscray Hospital) and prospective projects in place, Multiplex are always looking to engage competent suppliers/subcontractors/consultants/staff/workforce to add to their large and diverse teams.

“Having a direct conduit through Kinaway will encourage and expedite the ability for Multiplex to engage with member businesses and realise these opportunities.”

Kinaway will support Multiplex to contribute to authentic outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, which in turn assists in meeting Multiplex’s clients’ and own social goals.

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