The Business Recovery Support Program is a new opportunity, brought to our members through the partnership of Quinlan Consulting and Kinaway. This program offers tailored guidance to our Kinaway members in 5 key areas:

  • Business Recovery,
  • Market Transformation,
  • Digital Literacy and Engagement,
  • Marketing and Supply Chain Diversification,
  • Re-skilling and Training.

Quinlan Consulting has experts in all areas of the program, so depending on what your needs are, we can partner with you to customise a solution unique to your business needs.

As part of the 8 hours, we can develop / implement benefits such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) improvements, designing websites, flyers, financial budgets, HR procedure forms etc, as well as strategic guidance.

This may include things such as employee contract development, policy development, human resource advice, and financial advice.

Click the button below to learn more, and submit your interest in the Business Recovery Support Program!

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