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Ventia partner with Kinaway Chamber of Commerce VIC

Ventia is one of the largest essential infrastructure services providers in Australia and New Zealand. Ventia is proud to provide the services that keep infrastructure working for our communities. Their service capability spans the full asset lifecycle – from design, minor capital works and operations and maintenance, asset management and facilities management, through to decommissioning – complemented by technology-enabled solutions and deep technical expertise. Whether it is connecting people to keeping water running, remediating contaminated land, keeping traffic flowing and our hospitals and schools running, Ventia’s clients never switch off – so neither do they. “With an unwavering focus on safety, we operate around the clock. We bring our can-do attitude and the best technology to get the job done. Done safely. Done cost-effectively. Done sustainably. Done together.”


Ventia acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as being the original carers of this land, and they recognise and respect the importance of local customs and practices in preserving community and culture. Ventia aim to make a meaningful contribution to First Nations communities by creating long-term and sustainable employment, education, and business opportunities. They strive to do this by improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ engageme, fostering employment and procurement opportunities, and supporting the community to thrive. Ventia’s Indigenous Employment team (TRECCA) established in 2015 facilitates recruitment, employment, and retention of First Nations peoples throughout their business. Ventia have seen over 800 First Nations people join their business, with over 50% of whom have now been with them for upwards of 18 months. The team also provide mentoring and support to First Nations employees, whilst also helping find training opportunities.


Ventia’s holistic approach to engagement sees them leverage partnerships with a range of organisations in order to promote supplier diversity in Australia. Ventia’s commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation and reconciliation is highlighted through their Broadspectrum – a Ventia Company Reconciliation Action Plan, endorsed by Reconciliation Australia in late 2020. Reconciliation Australia has granted a formal extension to Ventia’s RAP until June 2022.


Ventia continue to focus on broadening opportunities for First Nations businesses right across their organisation. By partnering with Kinaway, Ventia can focus on improving their engagement and creating more opportunities with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses across Victoria. Kinaway has a unique offering specific to Victoria, and Ventia are keen to focus on what more they can do in this region. When talking within the industry, it became clear to Ventia that “Kinaway was leading the charge in this area.” Having developed strong networks in WA, QLD and NSW, Ventia wanted to build on these valuable lessons and grow their commitment within Victoria in a respectful and considered way. Ventia says, “as soon as we reached out and spoke to Kinaway, we knew we’d found a partner we could easily share a story with, and find similar, shared values. This is important to us when establishing the relationship right at the start.”


Ventia aim to have First Nations people, organisations and communities participate equally and equitably in all areas of their business. Secondly, through their leadership and in partnership with others, Ventia aim to help create more equitable outcomes at the societal level for First Nations people and communities. Ventia touches almost every part of everyday life and are critical to essential infrastructure. Through this partnership Ventia hope to assist Kinaway’s Member businesses to broaden their exposure to critical industries and infrastructure.


“[We] focus on understanding the nations shared history by truth-telling, and cultural and historical awareness. We want to build strong, sustainable, and respectful relationships with First Nations communities and organisations, Which is crucial to ‘closing the gap’ of the impacts of marginalisation of Indigenous peoples.” – Ventia (Kinaway Corporate Partner)




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