Kinaway Chamber of Commerce seeks Victorian First Nations female business owners interested in participating in our inaugural Women’s Business Visibility Project  a project to boost the publicity outcomes for Aboriginal businesses 

The ‘Women’s Business Visibility Project’ profiles selected Victorian Aboriginal female-owned businesses through professional publicity activities to increase their visibility in mainstream media channels. 

Kinaway Chamber of Commerce seeks to:  

  • increase the visibility of the Aboriginal business sector, First Nations business women and their businesses. 
  • work with businesses to provide high-quality publicity outcomes that promotes their products/services and increases their visibility in traditional media. 

Funded through the Aboriginal Economic Development (AED) Branch in the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR)Kinaway will profile selected Aboriginal businesses in 2021 that have the ability to leverage outcomes for their business through greater exposure and visibility 

The business owner, in partnership with Kinaway and a professional publicist will develop their story, develop a media kit and engage in media related activities 

Media Audience 

The target audience consists of: 

  • Primary: Consumers looking to buy a product or service  
  • Secondary: A reader who is interested in the Aboriginal business sector 
  • Third: A reader who is interested in the stories of Aboriginal women as business owners  

Criteria for Selection: 

  • Be a business that sells direct to consumer products or services OR be a businesswoman who sells services or products business to business 
  • You must be available from April to June for publicity activities (actual times to be negotiated and these may vary due to Coronavirus or other impacts) 
  • You (the Aboriginal business owner/s) must be willing to be interviewed live in person e.g. for radio/tv and be photographed. 
  • You must have a primary social media page and/or website for your business 
  • Your business ideally has an active social media presence across at least two channels e.g. Facebook, Instagram. 
  • You must be ready and willing to leverage and respond to any increase in business activity as a result of publicity activities 

Note: This opportunity is primarily directed at small businesses who need to grow their visibility. Social enterprises may apply however, priority is given to commercial Aboriginal businesses and selection is subject to business offering and commerciality of the operation. 

 Selection Process 

  • Businesses will be selected by Kinaway in consultation with a professional publicist. 
  • Businesses will be notified of the outcome of selection by mid April, 2021. 

 Businesses responsibilities 

  • Businesses selected are required to work with the publicistKinaway representatives and any other contractors to prepare and be involved in publicity activities. 
  • Businesses need to make themselves available for project meetings and publicity activities 
  • Businesses will need to be willing to improve their social media through professional assistance
  • Businesses will be required to report on outcomes of the publicity activities as part of this project. 


Kinaway received a grant from the Aboriginal Economic Development Branch in DJPR for the purposes of supporting the development of female-owned Aboriginal businesses across VictoriaOne of the key focusses of the funding was to facilitate activities that help improve the visibility of female-owned Aboriginal businesses and Aboriginal businesswomen. 

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