Free Business Advisory and Coaching from Quinlan Consulting
If you meet any of the criteria below, then you likely qualify for 8 hours of FREE business coaching via the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business Recovery and Resilience Program. Quinlan Consulting Team has been an approved Business Mentor in this Program since it launched around September 2020. Click here to see client testimonials from VCCI clients who selected Quinlan Consulting as their Business Mentor. Register ASAP to secure your free sessions.
You are a small business in Victoria:

 With less than 20 full-time employees or
 With more than 20 full-time employees but less than $50 million in turnover or
 As a sole trader with no employees, you must demonstrate that you received most of your income form the business prior to 1 March 2020.
BENEFITS TO YOU The Business Recovery and Resilience Program offers tailored guidance in 5 key areas: Business Recovery, Market Transformation, Digital Literacy and Engagement, Marketing and Supply Chain Diversification, Reskilling and Training. Quinlan Consulting has experts in all areas of the program so depending on what your needs are, we can partner with you to customise a solution unique to your business needs. Our company booklet outlines the full range of services we offer. As part of the 8 hours, we can develop / implement benefits such as SEO improvements, designing websites, flyers, financial budgets, HR procedures and forms etc, as well as strategic guidance. HOW TO GET THE 8 FREE HOURS To register for the free 8 hours, you should:
1. Complete this form. The form takes no more than 12 minutes to complete.
 Have your business details on hand including Trading name of the business, any Registered business names, ABN, name(s) of the business owner(s), Business Address, Industry, then it asks in which of the 5 areas you need support.
2. You will receive an email listing mentors to choose from. Even if Quinlan Consulting are not listed, reply “We wish to have Quinlan Consulting Team as our mentor”. Contact Tom if you have any issues.
3. Quinlan Consulting will reach out to arrange your initial meeting.
Applications close late September 2021 or earlier at the discretion of VCCI. Once you are approved you have until December 2021 to use the 8 hours.