Strategic Partnership Program

Kinaway is inviting expression’s of interest from Victorian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are looking seriously into starting an Aboriginal business as part of our ‘Strategic Partnerships’ Program.

What is the Strategic Partnership Program?

This is a program inspired by both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Aboriginal) businesses and Corporate Partners who want to work together and create businesses that will be able to scale quickly to meet both capacity and capability needs of projects. This will assist the Aboriginal business to better meet future project requirements with the Corporate Partner and other potential clients. The intent is for the Corporate Partner to work with and support the Aboriginal business from startup, through its growth phase to become project ready and to forge relationships that will grow as the Aboriginal business grows.


How will the Strategic Partnership Program work?

  1. Corporate Partners will identify businesses that are needed for supply into their projects on an ongoing basis.
  2. Kinaway will seek expressions of interest from potential Aboriginal people who are
      • a. Already in business but still in their infancy; or
      • b. Looking to start a business.
  3. Kinaway will introduce the Corporate Partners and potential Aboriginal business owners to get an idea of what and who they are and to share expectations of what will be provided by each strategic partner.
  4. Corporate Partners can then identify who they would like to work with and the potential business owner can accept or reject the offer. There could be up to 3 potential business owners for the one business concept.
  5. The Corporate Partner will then work with the potential Aboriginal business owner to prepare a business plan and to put in place the necessary structure the business will need to ideally commence operations in 12 months.
  6. The final outcome will be the Aboriginal business will commence operating and supplying to the Corporate Partner into their projects or be able to go out on their own.


What support will the Corporate Partner be providing the Aboriginal business?

The Corporate Partner will require

  1. A Champion – This will be the key supporter of the program within the organisation.
  2. Business Support – These will be people inside the organisation who will work with the business owner to develop the business plan and provide them the connections, along with the Champion, to people within the Corporate Partner to develop the business to become capacity and capability ready.
  3. Business Consultant/Mentor – The Corporate Partner may want to engage external consultants and mentors to assist in the business development from start through to operations. This may require at points specific professional skill sets that are not within the Corporate Partners organisation or it is best to use an external independent provider for the business owner, for example an accountant for their legal structure.

Keep in mind we may have enough suitable potential Aboriginal business owner applicants to have more than one Aboriginal business owner apply for each of the Corporate Partner offers. It will be for the Corporate Partner to decide if they want to take on more than one potential Aboriginal business owner applicant for this first of its kind project by Kinaway.


What will Kinaway be providing the Corporate Partners and potential Aboriginal business owner?

Kinaway will facilitate the introductions of the Corporate Partners with the potential Aboriginal business owners. We will screen applicants to ensure the candidates bring something to the table as the potential business owner. This will include the supply of blind resumes of applicants to the Corporate Partners followed by a networking event to allow the Corporate Partners to meet and talk with the prospective business owner applicants.


On the successful matching of Corporate Partners with potential business owners, we will then run Workshops on 4 specific topics for both the Corporate Partners and their strategic partners to attend and assist with in the development of their business plans.


Kinaway will then facilitate monthly catch ups for the Aboriginal business to attend to track milestone progress of the business towards operational commencement and the Corporate Partners will attend once every two months.


How long will the Program be run for?

The program will run until the end of May 2022 but this doesn’t stop the Corporate Partner and the Aboriginal business from continuing to work together to develop the business further. Quite the opposite, we would encourage the relationship to be fostered to allow the Aboriginal business owner to grow and develop their business over the coming years.


How much time will we have to give to the Strategic Partnership Program?

It is compulsory for both the Aboriginal business owners and the Corporate Partner to be at the Networking Event and each of the workshops, as well as the monthly check in sessions from October 2021 to May 2022. Ideally there will be consistency of attendance by the nominated Corporate Partner support person. Ongoing, the success of the Aboriginal business being able to develop from a startup idea to operational commencement is dependent on what both the Aboriginal business owner and the Corporate Partner put into its establishment.

Dates and times (Subject to Covid restrictions):
Networking Event – 6pm-9pm, 10 September 2021
Workshop 1 – all day 27 September 2021
Workshop 2 – all day 4 October 2021
Workshop 3 – all day 11 October 2021
Workshop 4 – all day 18 October 2021

Does this mean as a Strategic Partner with the Aboriginal business, the Corporate Partner will be an owner and make decisions on the business?

No. The created business will be 100% owned, managed and controlled by the Aboriginal business owner. The Corporate Partner will be there to support the growth and development of the business to allow it to have the necessary capacity and capability to operate and function without the Corporate Partner.


Are there any examples of how this is already working?

Yes. An example of this in practice is Wara Paring Civil, a business 100% owned by Leon Egan who has a strategic partnership with Aqua Metro Services, in conjunction with their client Melbourne Water. You can view the Kinaway Interview with Wara Paring Civil on Youtube below.


Closing Date 5pm, 5 September, 2021.