The Kinaway Strategic Partnership Program is an opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business owners and Corporate Partners to connect, collaborate and build capacities, helping both parties meet their business objectives.


In its unique position as the Victorian Indigenous Chamber of Commerce, Kinaway has access to large corporate partners and lucrative opportunities that Indigenous business owners are seeking to connect with. Kinaway provides mentoring, education and support as these small businesses navigate working with large corporations. At the same time, each business remains 100% owned, managed and controlled by the Indigenous business founder themselves. 

If you’re thinking of starting a business or diversifying your current offering, signing up to Kinaway’s Strategic Partnership Program can help you broaden your business horizons and open new doors to profitable opportunities!


The Kinaway Strategic Partnership Program is an opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business owners and Corporate Partners to connect, collaborate and build capacities, helping both parties meet their business objectives.

Whilst keeping our Indigenous people at the forefront, Kinaway wishes to utilise our association and access to large corporate partners to create long term lucrative opportunities for our Indigenous entrepreneurs. Kinaway will provide consistent mentoring, support and education to those in the Indigenous entrepreneurial space in order to make a sustainable change that matters. By connecting our Indigenous businesses with our corporate partners, Kinaway can aid the achievement of mutual and individual goals through this partnership whilst ensuring that each business remains 100% owned, managed and controlled by the Indigenous business founder themselves.

If you have a great business idea or are thinking of expanding your business horizons, sign up to Kinaway’s Strategic Partnership Program today to open new doors to endless opportunity!


The Strategic Partnership Program is designed for Indigenous businesses to have access to corporate partners and the growth and development opportunities they provide. This includes Indigenous businesses that are already off the ground, as well as fledgling business ideas in the conception phase.

Corporate partners are tasked with supporting the Indigenous-run business from its start-up phase all the way to becoming project-ready. Both the Indigenous business and the corporate partners will have an opportunity to nurture this relationship beyond the program.


Kinaway will provide support to the Indigenous founders to assist in business development from conception through to operation. Experts will be brought in for a range of workshops to help the business build its structure and strategy. The program will run for 12 months, but there is certainly potential for further growth and collaboration.

Throughout the duration of the program, Kinaway’s objectives are to:

  1. Establish professional relationships and networks.
  2. Make resources accessible.
  3. Create a program that is so successful,
    members choose to advocate for it.
  4. Build belief in Indigenous economy.
  5. Enable business success and empowerment.
  6. Provide safe mentoring frameworks.
  7. Remove barriers for Indigenous business.
  8. Create and facilitate role models within the business world.
  9. Generate confidence among small Indigenous businesses.
  10. Leave footprints for others to follow.
  11. Change negative stereotypes through demonstrable success.
  12. Advocate and create an ecosystem of support.

The Corporate Partner will require:

  1. A spirit of cultural safety, which Kinaway helps to facilitate through its one-on-ones with participants as well as its ongoing support throughout the program
  2. A champion – This person will be the supporter of the program within the partner organisation, keeping enthusiasm and participation high as well as implementing the appropriate cultural training.
  3. Business Support – These will be people inside the partner organisation who will work with the new business owner to develop their business plan and provide them with the connections and industry knowledge necessary to become capacity and capability ready.

As part of the program, both the Indigenous business owner and the corporate partner must attend networking events and workshops as well regular check in sessions. Partners must put forward attendees that will participate consistently and are involved in supporting the Indigenous business in their organisation.


The success of the Strategic Partnership Program can be determined by its ability to remove barriers, close the gap by facilitating opportunities, and increase Indigenous economic participation and self-determination. The end result is a powerful legacy that continues to influence communities and businesses.

Kinaway will facilitate the introductions of the Corporate Partners with the potential Indigenous business owners. We will screen applicants on both sides, to ensure the candidates bring something meaningful to the table.

On the successful matching of partners with potential business owners, Kinaway will run workshops on four capacity building topics to assist with the development of their business plans and strategies.

Kinaway will then facilitate confidential monthly catch ups for the Indigenous business to track milestone progress of the business towards operational commencement, and the partners will attend bimonthly.

The created business will be 100% owned, managed and controlled by the Indigenous founder. The Corporate Partner will be there to support the growth and development of the business to allow it to have the necessary capacity and capability to operate and function into the future.

  1. Corporate Partners will identify service providers that are required for their projects on an ongoing basis.
  2. Kinaway will seek Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are
  3. Already in business but still in their infancy or looking to scale; or
  4. Looking to start a business from scratch.
  5. Kinaway will introduce the Corporate Partners and potential business owners to share expectations of what will be provided by the partnership.
  6. The Corporate Partner will then work with the Indigenous business owner to prepare a business plan and to put in place the necessary structure the business will need to succeed.
  7. The Indigenous business will commence providing a service to the partner for their project/s, and beyond.


Kayla Cartledge

Project Lead

For enquiries contact Kayla:
Phone: 0499 905 091
Email: KaylaC@kinaway.com.au

Sasha Madden

Project Lead

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