Strategic Partnership Program Participants

Our talented Strategic Partnership Program participants are spread across a multitude of different industries, from camping to consultancy. See below for more details on our participants and contact if you are interested in furthering your procurement opportunities with any of the below mentioned businesses.

The success of the Strategic Partnership Program can be determined by its ability to remove barriers, close the gap by facilitating opportunities, and increase Indigenous economic participation and self-determination. The end result is a powerful legacy that continues to influence communities and businesses.

Kinaway will facilitate the introductions of the Corporate Partners with the potential Indigenous business owners. We will screen applicants on both sides, to ensure the candidates bring something meaningful to the table.

On the successful matching of partners with potential business owners, Kinaway will run workshops on four capacity building topics to assist with the development of their business plans and strategies.

Kinaway will then facilitate confidential monthly catch ups for the Indigenous business to track milestone progress of the business towards operational commencement, and the partners will attend bimonthly.

The created business will be 100% owned, managed and controlled by the Indigenous founder. The Corporate Partner will be there to support the growth and development of the business to allow it to have the necessary capacity and capability to operate and function into the future.

  1. Corporate Partners will identify service providers that are required for their projects on an ongoing basis.
  2. Kinaway will seek Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are
  3. Already in business but still in their infancy or looking to scale; or
  4. Looking to start a business from scratch.
  5. Kinaway will introduce the Corporate Partners and potential business owners to share expectations of what will be provided by the partnership.
  6. The Corporate Partner will then work with the Indigenous business owner to prepare a business plan and to put in place the necessary structure the business will need to succeed.
  7. The Indigenous business will commence providing a service to the partner for their project/s, and beyond.

MCA Cleaning


Modern Cleaning Australia has provided quality commercial cleaning services and end of lease cleaning to our clients by catering to their every need and supplying them with cleaning solutions and the professional care they deserve.


Modern Cleaning Australia (MCA) was founded on the 15th June 2021 by Jackie Brown & Matthew Everett and based in the South Eastern Melbourne suburb of Berwick.

Matthew Everett’s Mob is from Northern Tasmania and he was born and raised in Melbourne, Jackie Brown is a New Zealand native who was born and raised in NZ and moved to Victoria in 1986.

Since starting they’ve secured 3 Commercial businesses for regular fortnightly cleaning. They are also listed with 2 Real Estate Agencies for End of Lease Cleaning when it is needed.

Barriers To Entry

MCA are looking for ongoing work, commercial cleaning mentors and contracts.

Fire and Test Australasia Pty Ltd


Fire and Test provide a range of fire and electrical inspection and testing services. Not only are they the sole supplier of fibre-optic fire detection technology throughout Australia, their unique offering includes fire sprinkler and gas/aerosol suppression systems, fire extinguishers, PFAS testing and decontamination of systems, first aid equipment, emergency and exit lighting systems and installation, dangerous goods management and manual handling/OHS compliance products and systems for industry.


Servicing Australia-wide, FTA’s team of five First Nations men achieves world class results by bringing together decades of experience across a range of industries. They have secured partnering and distribution arrangements in a number of areas and have direct manufacturer backing and support for a number of their products and services.

Barriers To Entry

Small company with little access to working capital, currently not enough reliable income and a lack of a qualified sprinkler fitter.


The best support that we can possibly get is opportunity – there are plenty of talented and switched on Indigenous entrepreneurs out there that just need the opportunity to get their foot in the door so I would encourage those businesses who are able to do so, or who have been thinking about making an active attempt to engage with Indigenous businesses to give us the opportunity to demonstrate what we can do – I think they will be surprised at what we can deliver!” – William Lancaster, Managing Director

Still a very small company with a lot of capability – any time they go for a tender they are asked for their financials. Corporate Partners want bank guarantees etc.

Need partnership with a party that can use them on larger projects.

Larger turnover is needed before they can expand.

Licenced sprinkler fitters would be a welcomed advancement, but they must ensure enough work to sustain that full time throughout the year.

Need qualified personnell and big projects under their belt to justify that expense and workforce.

Karnaji PTY LTD


Karnaji offer a new service to the industrial electrical industry. Together they deliver, not just decades of industry experience and success, but also the opportunity to make a social commitment to building an Indigenous economy. Their partnership will deliver the solutions required with a positive social impact. construction and maintenance that includes food manufacturing, mining process, power generation, water treatment, pulp and paper, infrastructure and engineering. With this industry experience across varied sectors and with having worked Internationally in various senior management positions. Karnaji provides customers with safe, fit for purpose, cost efficient and innovative project delivery options.

Heavy industrial large voltage sophisticated things that is designed to application.

Industrial setting. – New build, operating plant/facility. Solar panels.


As an Aboriginal business owner & Director Frank Edwards has over 27 years’ experience in the heavy electrical industry – beginning as an apprentice in 1994 with JW Lanham in Albury, NSW where he worked for 12 years before moving on to work in the Pilbara for 8 years in the mining & gas industry.

Karnaji, partnering with EDC electrical brings knowledge, experience and professionalism to the industry which has encompassed working for Tier 1 Engineering firms on Brown and Green Field Mega projects whilst also being able to deliver on Design and Construct projects of any size within the Industrial sector.

Fellow Director Jason Flower has 33 years of experience and is currently Managing Director of EDC Electrical in Wodonga, a position held for the previous 12 years with experience in project management.

Barriers To Entry

Karnaji currently has everything they require to design, supply and fit their services however they need long term contracts and mentoring opportunities.

There is an opportunity for Karnaji to potentially work with Q4 as a few of our Corporate Partners currently work with them –

Lee Couch Pty Ltd


Aboriginal Healer and wellness facilitator, Lee Couch is inviting a small, intimate group of business executives and CEO’s for a unique on-country cultural immersion. Her training is set in the valley of the Alpine Shire on stunning Taungurung and Dhuhuroa Country, surrounded by hills, mountains, waterfalls, and rivers.

The duration is one day with overnight accommodation and meals. The training includes a range of topics and experiences including an acknowledgment ceremony, basket weaving, discrimination, yarning circle, cultural meditation


Lee Couch is a Wellbeing Facilitator and Educator with over 15 years of experience in Health and Wellness. She is an Aboriginal woman from the Gamilaroi Tribe NSW Australia, now living on the traditional lands of Taungurung / Dhudhuroa Country in the Alpine Shire, Victoria. Lee is inspired to allow her culture to be visible again, and has uniquely created a world that welcomes people to connect.

Barriers To Entry

Access to media, corporates, luxury escape experts.


We are looking for Corporate Partners to commit to a cultural experience this year with their colleagues.

Wara Paring Civil


The Wara Paring Indigenous Civil Construction Project is a first of its kind. A 100% Indigenous owned civil construction business in Victoria created through the collaboration of Melbourne Water (MWC) and its service delivery partner Aqua Metro Services (AMS), the initiative ties into a range of organisational, sector, social and Government contexts.

Although the project focuses on projects in Victoria, it has broader aims to inspire organisations across Australia to develop programs that meet national social inclusion, development and economic empowerment goals.

It seeks to be an example of taking genuine, actionable steps toward financial inclusion and development as part of our collective journey towards reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.


Wara Paring Civil is a 100% Indigenous owned Civil Construction contractor, comprised of a team of four, specialising in providing Non-Destructive Digging services.

“We [the Wara Paring team] all left really good jobs, jobs that provided good career pathways, to come and start a business that will provide opportunities for Aboriginal Australians,” Egan said.

Barriers To Entry

Cost of machinery, personnel, access to capital and machinery buying power. They currently have one truck but it is entirely booked with a contract, they are looking for a second truck.


Another truck in order to deliver a wider range of works, an ongoing contract, training for more employees and a tipper truck.

Excell Waste Solutions


We are committed to delivering environmentally friendly, practical & cost effective solutions to all our customers. Excell Waste Solutions provide full range of waste & recycling services to commercial businesses.

From office spaces, to factories & warehousing we have all the solutions to suit your needs.

We are a full service provider offering General Waste, Cardboard & Paper Recycling, Secure Document Destruction, Secure Product Disposal, Timber & Concrete Recycling, Bathroom & Hygienic Services and E-Waste Recycling.


Excell Waste Solutions was founded by Kane Ellis with a clear vision: To provide responsive, trouble-free waste services to businesses across Melbourne.

A decade spent working for large waste providers made clear how the needs and expectations of customers are not being met; with a significant disconnect between what businesses want and what their waste providers are prepared to do.

Barriers To Entry

Consistent work with regular income, capital for expanding into construction sites (would need access to a recycling plant)


Excell Waste Solutions are looking for a regular/ongoing contracts for offices and other commercial businesses.

Tumpinyeri Growers


Tumpinyeri Growers has been in business since September 2020, ecologically farming at Captains Creek Organic Farm, Dja Dja Wurrung country.

Following the NASAA Organics guidelines they care for the soil, water and air in a holistic and respectful way. They promote and encourage biodiversity which in turn aids them if things become unbalanced.

Tumpinyeri Growers understand that healthy food comes from heathy soils and thriving ecosystems. They are currently entering their 2nd growing season and may be growing bulk for wholesale over the winter as they can grow frost tolerant produce.


The team of three is lead by Josh, a proud Ngarrindjeri and Narungga man. Josh has always felt a deep connection to plants and possesses a wealth of experience in landscape construction and design and horticulture which has allowed him to become an ethical farmer.

Rex has a horticulture background with a particular focus on growing food. They possess a cert 3 in horticulture and a diploma of permaculture design.

Nick is a trained chef and has studied organic agriculture and permaculture and looks forward to a life of constant leaning.

Barriers To Entry

Haven’t made it to Melbourne due to high costs. Seeking to link up with Open Food Network as they look after small scale farmers. They are a potential opportunity to deliver food to Melbourne. Financial needs – very difficult as a start-up to have any kind of capital to invest. They came into this as a share farming business who are leasing the land, they don’t own it.


Financial – grants, accessible loans.

Assistance with networking and collaboration.

Have a goal to supply Melbourne restaurants and cafes with fresh organic produce.



High quality, ethically and sustainably sourced camping gear and on Country experiences for Mob and socially conscious campers. The word ‘Yilam’ is from the language of the Taungurung Nation – the first peoples of the rivers and the mountains in the highlands of Victoria

Pronounced ‘yil-um’ this word directly translates to ‘camp’. However for our people the meaning is much deeper than that. Yilam means ‘home’ which of course, speaks to our brand ethos. We want to teach people to connect with and value nature – to treat Country as if it were their home – because ultimately it is.”


Joanne grew up on Barapa Barapa Country surrounded by family and culture. Spending much of her childhood camping around the area, she credits this time to her ongoing love of being on Country.

Like her mum, Kaley has a strong connection to Country, and is raising two daughters to be proud and strong in culture.

Kaley is passionate about caring for Country and teaching others Aboriginal philosophies for connecting to the land. Her background is in the policy development and social sciences and she is committed to creating space for all people.

Barriers To Entry

Working capital, buying power, storage spaces and networks.

Industry connections – getting in front of the right people

Quite competitive pricing currently

Currently operate primarily in the ecommerce space other from their experience packages. They do physical markets from time to time.


Looking for connections to sustainable suppliers such as Patagonia, Country Road, Kathmandu to establish a strong wholesale relationship.

Want to use durable high-quality products – wish to avoid contributing to the cheap items that are in the camping industry.

Mirriyu Cultural Consulting


Established in 2016, Mirriyu Cultural Consulting is an Aboriginal owned and operated cultural consulting service.

Mirriyu means the light of the sun today in Wadawurrung language, and that is what Mirriyu Cultural Consulting wishes to achieve, historical and current cultural insight in the light of today’s world.

Mirriyu Cultural Consulting offers professional education and consulting services throughout Australia for all organisation types.


Bonnie Chew is a proud Wadawurrung woman with extensive knowledge in Mental Health First Aid, Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management, Reconciliation Action Planning, Incarceration, Genealogy, Health and Education.

Barriers To Entry

Getting permission from Traditional Owners to carry this out across Victoria

Wants to be able to give the packages to others around Victoria.

Sourcing the ability to bestow an accreditation – link with University.


Program is still in its trial stage.


The right people at the table, strategists

Financial advice

Advice on what it would take to write a program with children

A connection to DELWP

A business consultant who understands NFP