Tax Support Package – Terms and Conditions


‘Price of Services’ and ‘Value for Services’ 

Each eligible business that meets the criteria and dates will receive funding that will be paid directly to the Service Provider/s, with the total ‘price of services’ paid for each business to not exceed $1,500 (exc GST). As part of the ‘Service Providers Screening Report and Declaration’, it must be demonstrated that the services provided are ‘value for service’ to ensure best value and outcomes for price. 

Payment of funds will be made directly to the Service Provider, not the business. 

‘Pledged’ as to ‘Paid’ 

Due to limited funding and needing to meet eligibility and criteria, eligible businesses will be first notified if they have been ‘pledged’ funding. 

‘Pledged’ funding means that funding has been allocated to the providing of tax support services to the businesses. It does not necessarily mean the allocation will be paid. 

In order for the funding to be ‘Paid’, the Service Provider and the business still need to provide additional documentation to meet the requirements of the Tax Support Package Program. 

If the Service Provider and or business do not meet the additional documentation requirements then funding will not be paid by Kinaway to the Service Provider. 

Priority and Access to Funding 

The Tax Support Package Program funding will be allocated based on priority within each tranche. Priority is given to those businesses 

  • Impacted by COVID-19 and employ people. OR 
  • Ineligible for State and Commonwealth grants due to taxation and accounting requirements not being up to date. 

Access to the support within each tranche, after consideration of the above priority, will be on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis. 

Order of Expressions of Interest for Funding 

Expressions of Interest will be ordered by  

  • Tranche and date they are received in AND 
  • Are completed, meets the eligibility requirement and accompanied by the respective completed ‘Service Providers Screening Report and Declaration’ that meets the requirements. Then by 
  • Priority businesses. Then by 
  • Those businesses that are not deemed priority businesses. 

Services Funded 

Support will be provided for bookkeeping, accounting, preparation and submission of tax returns and BAS statements, online access to Xero or MYOB access, tax/payroll obligations, superannuation and worker cover obligations to staff to a maximum capped value of $1,500 (exc GST) per business. 


Applications and Funding Suspension and Expiration 

Funding of the Tax Support Package Program will 

  • Be suspended when the value of the program funding has been pledged. 
  • If funds have not been spent to the value of the pledges by the due delivery date for services, then expressions of interest will be reopened. 

Funding will expire when one of the following first occurs 

  • The total value of the program funding has been spent; or 
  • The program cease date is reached. 

Service Providers 

Each Service Provider nominated must complete a ‘Service Providers Screening Report and Declaration’. This must be completed by the nominated Service Provider and provided by the business with the Expression of Interest form to Kinaway to be considered. 




  • Tranche release due date 
  • Release of Expression of Interest. 


  • Check eligibility, understand who are the priority businesses, the price of services permitted, tranche due dates, services funded, funding suspension and expiration. 
  • Complete the ‘Expressions of Interest’ 
  • Lodge the ‘Expression of Interest’ to Kinaway by survey. 


  • Log the order received for the ‘Expression of Interest’. The order is set out in the ‘Order of Expressions of Interest for Funding’ section of this form. 
  • Review the business ‘Expression of Interest’. 
  • Notify business contact of any forms lodged that are not completed or the business is ineligible by reply email. The business will be informed in the email if they should reply again once it is completed. 
  • Notify the eligible business they have been placed in order and awaiting for a completed “Service Providers Screening Report and Declaration’ from their nominated Service Provider  and if it meets Kinaway’s criteria and satisfaction then we will identify what services we have ‘pledged’ funds for. 
  • OR Notify business contact that expressions of interest have been suspended or funds have been fully spent or program date reached. If suspended they will be notified if the fund will be reopened and their order maintained. 
  • Notify the Service Provider that the business who nominated them requires the attached Service Providers Screening Report and Declaration’ to be completed and returned for consideration to have funds pledged for services. 

Service Provider 

  • Return completed ‘Service Providers Screening Report and Declaration’. 


  • Assess completed ‘Service Providers Screening Report and Declaration’ 
  • ‘Fit for Purpose’ 
  • Offers ‘value for service/s’ 
  • Signed declaration. 
  • If it doesn’t meet any of the above, Kinaway to contact nominated Service Provider and discuss. 
  • If no agreement met, notify business that Kinaway is unable to accept the Service Provider and they will need to resubmit EOI with new Service Provider nominated. 
  • If agreement met, Service Provider to reissue ‘Service Providers Screening Report and Declaration’ based upon discussions. 
  • If it meets the requirements email both business and Service Provider that funds have been pledged for the listed services. 

Service Provider 

  • Issue an invoice to Kinaway Chamber of Commerce Victoria listing 
  • The name of the business or ‘The Recipient’. 
  • The services provided. 
  • The respective fee for the service exc GST. 
  • The Total Fee for the service/s exc GST. 
  • The GST on the Total Fee. 
  • The Total Fee inc GST. 


  • Marry the Service Provider invoice to the ‘Service Providers Screening Report and Declaration’. 
  • Was the services provided within 1 month of Kinaway ‘pledging’ to fund the services? If yes, then continue. If no, how far outside the 1 month was it? Does this provide grounds to not pay the invoice? 
  • Check to ensure the services listed and the fee charged match. If the listed fee/s on the invoice is higher then what is listed on the ‘Service Providers Screening Report and Declaration’ then the Service Provider will be contacted for query. 
  • If fees match we will send an email to the business with a feedback form to complete. The email will state the invoice will not be paid to the Service Provider until the feedback form is provided and the business supports that the services have been delivered or are ready for delivery. 



  • Return completed feedback form on Service Provider. 
  • Return signed confirmation the business supports the services have been delivered or are ready for delivery and they are the outcomes requested. 


  • Make payment on the Invoice. Notify the Service Provider and business that payment is being processed and expected date of payment. 

Funding Suspended or Expired 

  • Notify business contact that expressions of interest have been suspended or funds have been fully spent or program date reached. If suspended they will be notified if the fund will be reopened and their order maintained.