Aboriginal Business Support Network and Hub

Knowing where to go and who to contact to start and then grow your business can be a daunting task, that’s why Kinaway provides a network of supporting businesses, software companies, government services and grants that’s are suited to our members businesses. So you don’t have to go searching!

Financial Services & Products

We understand that access to finance and capital can be one of the challenges for small business in the startup phase and in times of growth.  Kinaway is working with financial institutions to develop key contact points for you to engage and work with to identify products that suit the needs of your business

Procurement Opportunities

We want to link our members with opportunities to do business! That’s why we have created the Kinaway marketplace in addition we will also be holding networking events with the public and private sector at all levels to facilitate introductions. And we will work with members to facilitate introductions to meet with buyers. Kinaway are building networks and partnerships with organisations to open up opportunities for our members.

Aboriginal Business Database

Kinaway’s public facing database provides Corporate and State Government buyers access to a comprehensive list of  Victorian Aboriginal businesses.  Buyers can engage a certified Kinaway business with confidence knowing they have gone through our Board’s certification process and have been approved as a Victorian based Aboriginal business.

Mentoring and Business Coaches

Having a mentor to support and provide advice on running your business is one of the key elements of running a successful business. Kinaway will provide access to mentors and business coaches who understand the Aboriginal business landscape and can walk with you in your business journey.


Kinaway will host networking events throughout the year. These events are designed to provide opportunities for our members to meet with other Aboriginal business owners and  potential buyers. Make sure you sign up to our social media pages to receive regular updates on upcoming events.

Virtual Assistant

Kinaway offer a Virtual Assistant service to all our members. We can manage your social media, calendar and appointments, answer calls – all assistant services, delivered remotely.