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Kinaway AUSCO Partnership


  In 1961, Alberta Trailer Company created a subsidiary organisation, known now as AUSCO. This company broke ground for a new factory in Adelaide, South Australia. Since then, AUSCO has provided quality buildings to many sectors within Australia. Most notably the 2000 Sydney Olympics athletes accommodation and Chevron’s Gorgon LNG project, which is under delicate quarantine regulation to protect biodiversity. Ausco has used so much steel that if you laid it end to end, it would reach from Brisbane to Perth. Ausco is a seasoned and experienced operator in the Australian market. Remaining innovate and responsive is very important to the organisation. As various Indigenous Procurement Policies were implemented across the Commonwealth and State Governments, which affected aspects of Government tendering. Ausco looked for a meaningful way to connect with the Indigenous marketplace. As a part of Ausco’s ongoing commitment to the sector. Ausco has engaged Arc Blue to implement…

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